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Does the success of partnership working rely on organizational factors as much as the ability of professionals to work together? Essence of Partnership Working: Dominance of Organizational Culture or Professional Ability The essence of partnership working lies simply in the value addition that it creates in the working of the organization both internally as well as externally…
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Partnership Working And Management
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Download file to see previous pages Partnership workings are in itself considered to be complicated instrument for achieving resolutions to day to day business problems and complexities. Most of the research done in the past clearly focuses on the fact that organizations can adopt such an approach only by designing a long term, stretchy, and unrefined approach. Partnerships are more inclined towards developing a shared leadership among people who are acknowledged and authorized by the firm and trusted by each other to build on common consensus and work on issues that emerge in the due course of time. Such partnerships can be strategized and developed only by grounding on the organizational factors that aim to develop a favorable partnership environment (Carnwell & Carson 1998). It becomes the due responsibility of the organization to make the individuals understand the partnership working framework, the culture, ethics, and accost of firm. The organization needs to delegate individual roles and responsibilities so as to avoid future conflicts and contradictions. Organizational factor such as shared organizational goals and aims, certainly leads towards positive outcome and effective coordination. Culture and values act to be an integral part of a successful partnership making people learn to respect each others perspective (CCFNRC 2008). On the other hand, capability of people helps in enhancement of a culture build by an organization. Individual ability of professionals helps in strengthening up a constructive environment that promotes effective partnership and a constructive working environment. Taking into consideration the above scenario whether organizational factor or individual professional ability is responsible for a successful partnership, the current study aims to determine the dominance of the factor mentioned above along with the factors that serve to be a deterrent or incitement in promoting partnership working. It is highly important for an organization to follow management practices and make use of the limited constraint resources in order to accomplish the organizational partnership goals and harmonize the ultimate objective of partnership. Thus, the study would also aim to identify the focal points of partnership that can be of immense help in application specifically related to medical and health sciences. Various professional codes and organizational structures have deep influence on partnerships, their essence, relevance and influence would be adjudged. Setting up and maintaining successful partnership requires establishment of partnership norms that need to be structured and proper plans to be formulated. It is important to highlight the real philosophy and policy of partnerships as referred in the post modern world (Carter 1988), specifically related to social health and welfare. Past researches reveal the fact that considering clients at the focal point of good health and social care, partnerships becomes quintessential. The study would explore the issues that actually create an urge to build partnership workings for resolving complex client problems. Perils and Advantages of Partnership Working Looking upon the recent trends in the health and social care arena, the emergence of business partnerships is peculiar and strongly influenced by the organizational policy and factors which further are prone to changes due to the dynamic nature of the same. It is seen that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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