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POSNER TERMS 2 - Essay Example

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[Your full name] [Instructor’s full name] September 22, 2013 Education: Posner Terms Chapter 4: 1. Societal Goal Societal goals are aimed towards bringing improvement in behaviors and nature of students so that they can become a constructive part of society…
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Extract of sample "POSNER TERMS 2"

Download file to see previous pages For example, such teachings reduce the element of disruptive behaviors in students. Moreover, societal goals also help in creating a peaceful environment in schools by teaching students the way to become a productive part of society. My personal experience of studying social elements in curriculum has had a very dynamic influence on my overall personality. For example, they helped me live in society in a constructive manner. Similarly, they helped me learn the norms and values of living in a society. 2. Administrative Goal Administrative goals refer to the concept of maintaining and improving the administrative approach of organizations. These goals include compensation and management of teachers, implementation of employee safety programs, scheduling of buses, maintenance of buildings, ensuring maximum student and teacher attendance, and all such matters. The role of administrative goals in education is also very positive as they make students aware of the importance of managing things properly. Of course, students have to become administrators and leaders at homes and at work at some time in future, so they should have some knowledge regarding management of tasks in an effective manner. My personal experience regarding study of administrative goals in education is also very good. ...
talk about the cognitive domain with regard to Bloom’s Taxonomy, we can say that it is an important element of success for a student because it directly deals with the writing objectives. It helps students gain knowledge and apply it in different circumstances of life. It also helps students in analyzing things from different perspectives, as well as in evaluating decisions based on surrounding elements. The role of bloom’s taxonomy in education is very influential as it promotes the process of thinking in education which is a key part of writing objectives. It focuses on evaluating and analyzing things, rather than just keeping the facts in mind. My personal experience regarding applicability of bloom’s taxonomy to writing objectives is very positive. For example, I learned the way to put my thoughts on paper after complete analysis and evaluation of thoughts. 4. Cognitive Domain Cognitive domain reflects the intellectual abilities of a person. They deal with thinking, remembering, and putting practice the learned concepts based on personal judgment and knowledge. This domain includes recognition of facts, understanding of procedural patterns, and development of intellectual skills. The role of cognitive domain in education is very influential because it deals learning and applying which arte two of the most critical elements of education. This domain improves the ability of students to learn, recall, and rationalize things. My personal experience is that cognitive domain helps in achieving success in educational, as well as in personal life. This domain helps me in reasoning and justifying the value of ideas based on surrounding circumstances. Similarly, this domain also helps me in troubleshooting, as well as in recognizing realistic facts in reasoning. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Posner Terms 2

... such as reverence for associates, recognition of US position in international economy, international harmony and peace and US nationals’ right of safety. The inclusion of societal goals in curriculum is not an easy task. 2. Administrative Goal Posner (1995) defines administrative goals of educational institutions in terms of supervision and development of the institutions (p. 73). The administrative goals comprise teachers’ appointments, salaries and educational continuation, support required by staff, recognition and promotion of influential leaders, the development and supervision of particular curriculum, protection of staff and students and turnout of students. Educational institution’s building preservation, transport management...
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