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Action Inquiry: Safety on Campus after School Release - Essay Example

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With the onset of alarming dramatic situations on school campuses widely, safety on campus has become a major area of concern. Schools have witnessed variety of crimes ranging from simple assaults to deadly weapon use in the recent times. …
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Action Inquiry: Safety on Campus after School Release
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Download file to see previous pages Providing a safe environment for better emotional and intellectual development of children is the call of the hour. If such a perilous issue is neglected, we may be producing a mentally handicapped society in future. School management, teachers, parents, policy makers and the police can play pivotal role in resolving the issue effectively. This is an area that requires immediate attention and extensive research. This problem has far reaching consequences than perceptible. A precise and consolidated plan of action to overcome the presumptive behavioral hazards in a school environment during the after school hours is not only beneficial to the improvement of school law but also the augmentation of disciplinary behavior of the entire community associated with the school, in all walks of life. The grasping ability of kids is remarkable. When they see elders engaging in a scuffle they imbibe it all on a sudden and imitate it whenever appropriate. In addition to that these disturbing events can create deep rooted memories in children which can lead to a troubled adulthood. So the implementation of well planned strategies to disentangle this complexity can lead to minimal school offences thereby better mental stability and societal growth. Background and Content for the Problem The necessity of probing in to safety on campus after school release arose when there was an onslaught of attack between two moms who came to pick up their children from elementary school after the school release. Apart from this there were many similar incidents which took place at the peak hour of school release. Such episodes attract wide attention from the crowd around and further discussions that can impair the reputation of the school. Policies ensuring safety on campuses has been developed in the governmental level as a result of studies in this field. Research Questions 1. How to formulate and implement an effective safety strategy to arrest the occurrence of violent outbursts on campus after school release? 2. How to restrict parental entry and interaction during the rush hours? 3. How to install a powerful visitor documentation system in the school? 4. How to ensure the efficient functioning of surveillance tools to comprehend the exact situation? Significance of the Study Amidst the rising unrest and intolerance among parents as well as children in homes and schools this study has extreme relevance. Obnoxious images of parents or peers fighting get imprinted in the minds of the little onlookers. They hurt them intensely which results in severe anxiety, stress and unnecessary fear. Moreover this gives a bad impression about the school among other parents which affects the goodwill of the school. Furthermore such kind of rumbles can cause destruction of valuable school properties which in turn leads to heavy financial loss for the school (School Violence Statistics and Facts, n. d.). Developing valid strategies for reducing violence and crimes in schools can boost the law and order system of the school. The student cluster groomed and nurtured in such a secure and disciplined environment will grow up to be fruit bearing citizens of the nation. On the contrary, there are studies indicating that too much emphasis on safety measures has a disruptive effect on learning environment and student behavior (Hurwitz & Weldon, 1996). Literature Review According to a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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