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Should the legislature of the state of texas pass senate bill 11 and senate bill 17 - Essay Example

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The holders have, therefore, the right of the legislature to support their second amendment rights as stated by Creighton, who gave his reasons for supporting the SB11 and Sb17…
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Should the legislature of the state of texas pass senate bill 11 and senate bill 17
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Extract of sample "Should the legislature of the state of texas pass senate bill 11 and senate bill 17"

Download file to see previous pages The two bills that were discussed were the SB 11, the campus carry bill and SB 17, the open carry bill (Habib 43). The bills passed and forwarded to the committee and the Senate respectively for considerations to be done.
The Texas Moms Demand Action Chapter for the American Presidents Gun Sense has been advocating some strict gun regulations (Hupp 45). The president has had the chance to testify at the end of the day opposing both the SB 11 and SB 17 bills. The bills operate by expounding the system of the state for hidden handgun licenses. The system allows for those who are over the age of 21 to pass a check on criminal background and complete the safety and proficiency training to be allowed to carry concealed handguns (Lott 18).
The SB 11 bill if passed will allow for those who have qualified for a CHL to carry their guns even inside the classrooms of buildings on college campuses. Presently, those who hold the CHL may carry the guns on campus but they are not allowed to carry them on the college buildings. The laws on taxes also allow the holders to carry other long guns such as the shotguns and rifles (Smith 25). The SB 17 bill, on the other hand, will expand the existing laws to allow the CHL holders to carry their handguns openly. Consequently, the topic of whether those who hold CHL tend to be law abiding and safe is paramount for the lawmakers to put into consideration as they debate on passing the two bills (Ludwig and Lott 20). The Texas based public security department has also posted the conviction rates done to the CHL holders compared to the general population of Texas on their website that date way back from 1996. Although, the DPS does not in any case consider the convictions made to the CHL holders to be final until a year elapses after the convictions have been made (Tanne 14). The time is given to allow appeals to be done and to generate the reports at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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