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Mixing Energy Drinks with Alcohol - Research Paper Example

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 This paper discusses the ban on alcoholic energy drinks on college campuses. The paper analyses health risks of mixing energy drinks with alcohol. The paper considers the effects of alcohol consumption which as are the secondary effects on the society—or campus—in which alcohol use occurs.   …
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Mixing Energy Drinks with Alcohol
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Download file to see previous pages  Although Rutgers University did not take any action, a university spokesman, Greg Trevor, told The Star-Ledger the following: “We support the proposed federal ban on caffeinated alcoholic beverages nationwide” (starledger ). However, since the year 2010, Rutgers University has so far not banned alcoholic energy drinks.
Even though there have been bans on alcoholic energy drinks at many universities across the country, students have discovered alternative ways to experience the same effects of alcoholic energy drinks; this includes mixing energy drinks with alcohol by themselves. Mixing these drinks based on their own ratios can cause more problems than if they were on supermarket shelves (Cloud, 2008).
Immediate neurological impairments are caused when students consume alcohol. These impairments may cause the drinker to physically injure themselves or put themselves into situations they may later come to regret. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends “when alcoholic beverages are mixed with energy drinks, which is a popular practice among youth, the caffeine in these drinks can mask the depressant effects of alcohol” (CDC, 2010). When an energy drink is mixed with alcohol, a natural chemical known as adenosine is produced by the human body. When a person becomes tired, the brain receives a signal to become sleepy through the use of adenosine (Crane, 2011). However, this is not the case when caffeine is ingested. When this happens, the message never gets to the brain; instead, adrenaline is produced. Adrenaline can have a significant effect on your body. It “…raises your heart rate and blood pressure and triggers the liver to release sugar into the bloodstream.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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