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Teacher accountability - Essay Example

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Teacher Accountability The issue on the most appropriate evaluation method to use for both teachers and students has been contentious in the United States. In an argument by Nathan (2009), there appears to be a common feeling and notion that there should be a change in which academic standards in the United States should be evaluated…
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Teacher accountability
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Extract of sample "Teacher accountability"

Download file to see previous pages It will also argue in favor of releasing these evaluation results to the public. Additionally, the paper will include the arguments that may oppose the inclusions of the above recommendations in the evaluation programs. Evaluation programs The implementation of change has been reluctant as teachers feel their efforts in the classroom are not effectively considered in the evaluation programs (Nathan, 2009). According to Nathan (2009), the activities in the classroom should be vastly included in the evaluation programs. The author further argues that the activities in the classroom can change the level at which students are exposed to quality education. Evaluation programs used in evaluating programs are; I. Classroom activities Classroom activities refer to the tutor initiatives created in the classroom setting. When evaluating teachers, their efforts in the classroom should constitute a majority of the tools used. This is because teachers spend most of their institutional time in classrooms and acquiring instructor skills. This makes it fair for any evaluation process to greatly consider these efforts. Lareau (1987) argues that classroom evaluation should be the only tool to be considered when evaluating teachers; thirty percent inclusion in the evaluation programs would be important in understanding the ways in which tutors perform in classrooms (Lareau, 1987). Classroom activities make ups seventy percent of all the evaluation tools used on students (Nathan, 2009). Classroom activities include: Continuous assessment tests- written or oral test during mid-terms and the beginning of the term Student participation in group projects- this includes assessments on a student’s ability to work in a group and their success in it. Writing projects and research papers- this evaluates a student’s ability to carry out their own analysis on specific topic as guided by the tutor Routine assignments- routine assignments refer to activities assigned by teachers in regards to research question on a specific learning task Creation of assessment personal assessment tools- tutors help students develop personal assessment tools that help then evaluate their classroom progress Daily class attendance II. Feedback from principles In traditional evaluation programs, principals provided all the required information about teachers in a particular institution. A principal’s contribution can be based on friendship or any other social ills. In this case, principals should only provide the curriculum that an institution uses for verification of the teachers’ activities (Nathan, 2009). This is important because value-added data presented by teachers in the classroom are based on the institution’s curriculum which is mostly created and scrutinized by principles. This argument also supports the fact that value-added data should be included in the programs that evaluate teachers. III. Requirements from the curriculum Lareau (1987) argues that teachers rarely operate under their own consent, which means that the curriculum provided to them by the government is what they present to the classroom. The only way to be fair in evaluating teachers is through the consideration of the curriculum and how the curriculum is presented in the classroom. 30% of the value-added data based on the curriculum ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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