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Multiple questions - Assignment Example

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The chapter describes some of the stresses of the teaching profession - such as being accountable for student progress and performance.  What specific strategies are used by educational professionals in the video to cope with the challenges of the accountability movement?
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Multiple questions
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"Multiple questions"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the teachers also point out that finding help from senior teachers may also be an important inclusion in these strategies.
Based on your reading and on this video, do you agree with the master teachers in this video case who believe that standardized testing "offers the opportunity to reflect upon your teaching practice?"  Why or why not?
Standardized testing provides a tutor with an opportunity to effectively analyze their teaching practice. Standardized testing enables a tutor to generally create assessment systems that equally reflect the performance of every student. Additionally, the tests are effective enough to generate reliable results that reflect the performance of a tutor in regards to performance by their students.
Collaboration requires understanding among teachers in an institution. Collaboration refers to the generation of ideas collectively by all teachers. However, a tutor should be able to look for friendly tutors who maybe willing to help. Additionally, collaboration should be agenda based as tutor should seek collaboration to generate a solution to a particular problem.
The master teachers in this video suggest that it is important to use student test data effectively.  How does one use test data effectively?  What are some challenges that might be encountered during this process?
Test data can be used effectively if the collection of the data is accurate. Additionally, test data should be collected from reliable test that may reflect the exact potential of the students. Possible challenges may be generated from biasness from collecting the data. Data collection questions may also be limited to testing the actual student abilities.
In the video, the teachers believe in teacher’s empowerment through collaboration. They also use collaboration as decision making tool ( The tutors come together was a work group. They ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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