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I think that pornography is harmful to a couples relationship - Essay Example

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In today’s world of technology where everything has gone cyber, all multimedia including pornography is available on the internet easily accessible around the world and has become part and parcel of people’s sexual lives especially youngsters…
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I think that pornography is harmful to a couples relationship
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Download file to see previous pages In today’s world of technology where everything has gone cyber, all multimedia including pornography is available on the internet easily accessible around the world and has become part and parcel of people’s sexual lives especially youngsters. I would strongly recommend all couples to accept this notion to be a healthy part of their relationships and, in case of any difference of opinions, to discuss openly about this agenda and give it a try to experience the fruitful outcome it generates between them. Through ages, surveys have been conducted to determine whether pornography is harmful for a relationship and what effects it produces for a couple. Consequently, researchers have identified few established facts about the aftereffects of watching pornography by a couple, individually or together. If we see in terms of collectively watching it, we come across two major advantages it provides as explained in a lecture by Mr. Chen: It contributes to the learning and sexual knowledge of couple. They can educate by identifying new exciting activities and ways to physically mate with one’s partner. They can know new ways to stimulate the partner and about the dos and don’ts during sex. It also adds to their chemistry by enhancing the intimacy and ecstasy between them in bed. Couples tend to get bored soon due to repetition of similar activities in every session. Pornography makes them look forward to their regular intercourse sessions where they can try new things as seen on video, creating better thrill and variations (Chen, 14 March 2013). Variety in sexual relationship plays a vital part for almost all couples. According to Crooks and Baur, many individuals have a misconception that excitement and arousals stirred in their sexual experiences will always stay the same as in initial stage. Soon, they seek alternatives as their saving grace to gain satisfaction which they cannot get anymore from their own relationship (Crooks and Baur, pp. 201). This destroys a relationship completely and might ultimately result in breakup out of need for change! This is where the essential role of pornography sweeps in, creating new vibes of pleasures and sensuality. It is important for couple to allow its involvement in their sexual lives and discuss about it when the need arises. Speaking on an individual level, it is also necessary to have personal space to watch pornography occasionally when he or she feels too overdosed with intercourse. Also, according to an article provided in Elia’s book, researches showed that individuals, especially men, claim that, inspired from tactics used in pornographic content, they discovered new methods to pleasure themselves and guide their partners to do the same during sex to stimulate them better. The craving to improvise and to try something different got fulfilled for most of the men by indulging themselves in self-pleasure while watching pornography (Elia, John and Albert, pp. 283). Sexual pleasures are the primary goal for any intimate activity carried out by a couple. In his book, “Sex Industry: Porn and Prostitution” (Pp. 269-273), suggests that self-pleasures while watching pornography motivates individuals to try these activities with their partners as well. They associate having intercourse with their partners to the reward of getting arousals and ultimately orgasm. There is a possibility of enhancement of emotional attachments in a couple through attaining orgasms which in turn are guided through education learnt via pornography. Therefore, it might prove to be beneficial to discover oneself through self-pleasure exercises during pornography and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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