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Can Facebook Ruin Romantic Relationships - Research Paper Example

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This essay "Can Facebook Ruin Romantic Relationships?" focuses on Facebook revolutionizing how people communicate with its development and release to the masses for use. Here is a case in point: people taking friendship and business ties online. It starts with people ditching communication via phone and embracing communication via email, YouTube, Skype, tweeter and other networking channels. …
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Can Facebook Ruin Romantic Relationships
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Extract of sample "Can Facebook Ruin Romantic Relationships"

Download file to see previous pages There have been advantages of Facebooking like the ones spelt above. It is a site where people can have fun that includes sharing old and new photos (Persimmons). By use of its online chat room, there is creations and nurturing of numerous relationships. It has also mobilized participation of people in campaigns and social events. This has culminations by saying that it enhances collaboration and further strengthens social interaction within a community.
However, Facebook has accusations of ruining relationships that are romantically based and sufficient evidence has been sufficed to explain this sad phenomenon. Facebook has been prescribed for use with one’s beloved family but it is bad for relationships (Persimmons).
One of the reasons that have been brought forward to explain Face book’s tendency to ruin relationships is that it fuels jealousy tendencies and weird behaviour in people who are in relationships (Persimmons). An example is when a man/woman in a relationship updates his/her Facebook status and the comments he/she gets are of sexual nature but leaning towards a joke. This might lead to the partner getting upset and the result is relationship breakdown. Jealousy undermines relationships and Facebook can be a good cause of such jealousy tendencies. People have therefore become victim to this jealousy tendency in their relationship setups.
Facebook also has a profile section that has a relationship personal status section. The site tells everyone whenever a person changes his or her status. Anxiety is created whenever such a thing is changed (Persimmons). For example, when somebody is casually dating another person, his or her status reads ‘it is complicated’. In reality, altering one’s relationship status leads top very harsh and uncomfortable relationships coupled with suspicious conversations that kill the morale of continuing with any given relationship.       ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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