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How to keep a romantic relationship in long distance via social media and phones - Essay Example

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Staying away from a loved one is always a challenge. Regardless of the amount of time we spend away from our loved ones, the…
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How to keep a romantic relationship in long distance via social media and phones
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Download file to see previous pages This paper explains the various theories that have been proposed to hinder long distance relationships and how in my interpersonal encounters, they have been overcome.
Relationships for different people have different meanings. Most people get invested in the other person too early in the relationship and end up giving up when things do not go the way they want to. The key to a successful relationship is keeping a check and balance on your expectations. The rest of the necessities can be taken care of by the various mechanical devices that have been invented and discovered for the ease of communication. My romantic relationship has been going strong since the last five years, thanks to the efficient communication with the help of social media and mobile phones. It has been postulated that most of the difficulty arises in being unable to see your partner. This is because it fosters uncertainty, which may lead to distrust and disloyalty, and spoil the relationship sooner or later. This complication usually arises either during the early phases of a relationship, when the feelings of apprehension and skepticism may take over logic. It may also arise over a span of few years, since partners tend to get tired of long distances over long spans of time and need a way to either reduce the distance, time, or suffer termination of the relationship. Phones are an important means of bridging this gap, as are increasingly popular internet applications such as Skype, Viber, imo, etcetera. If you designate a particular time in the day when you can use either of these to have some time conversing with the person you are involved with, or share precious moments ranging from birthdays and anniversaries, to joys and sorrows such as getting employment or losing a family member.
The face to face communication offers not only a way out for the frustrations that result due to the distance, but also eases doubts that result due to the social expectations out of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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