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Changing Your Learning Management System: from hype to happiness - Case Study Example

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Changing Your Learning Management System: From Hype to Happiness Insert name (s) Course Executive Summary Changing of the learning management system (LMS) is currently presenting a serious challenge not only to the students but also to the instructional staff members who often depend on these systems to support or deliver their courses…
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Changing Your Learning Management System: from hype to happiness
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Download file to see previous pages Changing Your Learning Management System: From Hype to Happiness Introduction Learning management systems entered the educational scene during the late 1990s and has since then increasingly become a popular hub of learning and instructional technology for a number of learning institutions. Beginning with a few simple programs that were bused to track courses and grades, modern learning management systems have now developed into very highly sophisticated programs with a number of features designed to track and report on a diverse number of learning experiences (Gartner Group, 164). Generally, LMS is gradually evolving, forming new partnerships and new features in the current dynamic market. The rapid growth of LMS has however resulted in a number of problems some of which have been attributed to the hype that has always accompanied the marketing and development of e-learning. The analysis of the case study has revealed a number of findings regarding the implications the challenges and needs of students undergoing the transition of changing their Learning Management System. Target market identification Just like most of the merging technologies, the target market of LMS continues to change and adapt with the changes in technology. For example, although the early markets (From 2000 to 2002) was driven my small companies, the current market trend is moving towards integration and consolidation Market needs As seen in the case study the current market needs for learning management systems (LMS) products is constantly changing and therefore the products should be flexible. There is an increasing demand for LMS products designed and developed by educators as opposed to techies and this will help make the products to conform to the contemporary educational practices and principles. Lastly, the contemporary technological advancements have resulted in an increase in virtual learning and online campuses and consequently LMS products should be more comprehensive and be able to help effectively administer virtual campus, integrate with administrative systems and manage the learning process. Forms of IMC in use Various forms of integrated marketing communication are currently being used to enhance the customer experience for the contemporary users of learning management systems. For example, the companies developing LMS have used continual communication, reduced prices; follow up of sales to help in the implementation of learning management systems in various institutions. SWOT Analysis Strengths The implementation of learning management systems has a number of strengths and benefits. For example, following the implementation of the new technology at Konica Minolta, the amount of e-learning has tripled. Additionally, the systems enable learning institutions to reduce costs and can instead be used to help generate revenue. For example, the multi built in electronic commerce capabilities of the system allows institutions like Minolta to sell courses on product use and maintenance to various end users. Weaknesses Although the LMS project has over the time developed into a highly sophisticated program with a wide range of applications, it has nevertheless been affected by a number of problems some of which can be attributed to its potential weaknesses. One of the major weaknesses of the program is the much ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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