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Commencement Speech for UH-Windward Class of 2023 - Essay Example

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The distinguished President, Dr. Floyd McCoy, the administrators and staff of University of Hawaii-Windward Community College, prestigious members of the faculty, beloved parents, guests and friends, my sincerest greetings.
It is a great…
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Commencement Speech for UH-Windward Class of 2023
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Download file to see previous pages Hope that a bright future, filled with vast opportunities lies ahead. Fear that I might be entangled in the web of conflicting and confusing intricacies of professional and personal goals that none might end up accomplished. Anxious of achieving all my dreams and aspirations at once. Grateful for all the people who have, in one way or another, gave support and understanding during my incessant quest to gain more knowledge in preparation for my dream career. And relieved that my academic nightmares have finally ended. I stand here, for you today, not so much as a professional forensic photographer, but more so as a professional traveler in life who fought to delve into a career which I loved against all odds. And is it all worth it?
I have absolutely no intentions to bore you to death and make you all samples of my forensic expertise. My career as a forensic photographer was all what I imagined it would be when I first dreamed of it more than twenty years ago. As you can see, the most challenging hindrance then, was my physical disability. But this seemingly detrimental barrier became my most redeeming factor which catapulted me to succeed. Impossible? Dreams and aspirations come from one’s mind and heart. When one is utterly determined to reach one’s goals, no barrier or hindrance can stand in the way. First lesson: know your goal and pursue it with valor.
I am sure you all have different dreams and endeavors. Most of you have already made plans to go into careers of your choice. Some might still be ambivalent as to the specific directions. But, I am sure you have encountered people, situations, factors that block your path for success. I have encountered a lot.
The Vocal Rehabilitation Officer at the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Mr. Les Sakuma, (God bless his soul – although he still shares earthly pleasures with us), advised me to pursue a degree in Business Management or Computer Science, of which I have already had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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