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Interviews on Reform - Assignment Example

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Interviews on Reforms Name: Institution: Interviews on Reforms Introduction The people interviewed include students, teachers and parents. The sample was based on 10 schools across America. This was to cover for diversity. During the interview, discovery on various aspects on public school reforms include the advantages of public schools, and the factors that recommend for reforms…
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Interviews on Reform
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Extract of sample "Interviews on Reform"

Download file to see previous pages This type of community is comprised of mainly adults. Public schools provide an opportunity to meet and interact at different negotiation points. It becomes easy for students to interact with individuals from diverse values and backgrounds. Public schools comprise of students with a diverse range of abilities and disabilities. The backgrounds provide individuals from different cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic background. The diverse environment exposes the students to different levels of interpersonal and communication issues. The numbers of students in a public school provide students with a different environment as compared to that provided by home schools and private schools. Students are able to engage in team projects and competitive sports with a diverse platform (Turnbull, Turnbull, & Wehmeyer, 2008). What are the major problems in need of reform or improvement? The public schools are faced with challenges that require reforms. Schools face challenges ranging from the structure, curriculum, the school’s mission, experiences and specifically. The first problem faced by American public schools is the school size. 70% of schools in America have an access of up to 2500 students. This compromises the quality of education received by students. The ration of students to teachers is as large as 100 students per teacher. Minimized attention comes with high dropout rates due to the overcrowding problems. The issue of the public curricula also comes as a concern for the reformists. The structure of the public schools curricula fails to impart on the academic and knowledge skills. To improve the structure, the schools require improvement on the subjects provided, including the period taken to complete the curriculum. The missions of schools have hindered the progress of school improvements. The mission of public school is to prepare the students to adopt into the high school curriculum. Interdisciplinary units and lesson plans increase in complexity on an annual basis. In relation to curricular demands, student diversity and accountability, the lesson plan and activities are bound to change. Working on Social Studies, Technology, Art and Drama curriculums indicate a better diversity for the students. The curriculum demands for new state frameworks that require continual change. Standardization tests set through district policies dictate the instruction methods used and how they address the needs of English language learners. Linguistics of English come with a diverse implication in designing programs intended to range the learners according to their abilities. The importance of targeting a certain population while outlaying the lesson plan depends on various aspects. The rationale on interdisciplinary aspects while setting a lesson plan needs to consider different aspect including the language and culture, learning styles, active participation, learning strategies in specific areas of the lesson, development of thinking skills and transfer process, student empowerment and parental involvement (Turnbull, Turnbull, & Wehmeyer, 2008). Recommendations: What do you think will “fix” the problem? Learning styles Learning styles involve using sheltered language while implementing learning strategies. It allows students to develop the subject matters through English language. Through using different learning styles, teachers apply comprehensive lessons aiding in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interviews on Reform Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“Interviews on Reform Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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