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Article Review 2 - Case Study Example

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Critical Analysis of Literature Title of article: ‘Stress Profile of Peruvian Parents for Children with Autism’ Author(s): Yash Bhagwanji and Ximena Suarez Sousa. Stated purpose of investigation: The purpose is to study the stress profile of parents for children with autism and compare it with stress profile of parents for children who have no disabilities…
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Article Review 2
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Download file to see previous pages 19% of children had severe autism, 36% were moderately autistic and 43% showed symptoms of autism. 67% of children were 12 years or younger. 80% of the children were male. Questionnaires were used to get the Peruvian parents’ stress profiles which were translated in Spanish for easy understanding. The t-test was used for analyzing data. Research findings: `Research revealed that parents for children with autism were more stressed than those for children with no disabilities. The parents for autistic children with cognitive impairment and life span care were highly stressed. Security and safety were the main reasons for children as they could not be left alone and required constant looking after. Moreover, there was huge concern for their future welfare when parents would be no more. Taking the income group as independent variable, it was also found that financial aspect was not very relevant for parents from middle and high income group. But it was a critical factor for parents belonging to low income group. They were considerably more worried because they could not afford care services for their children with autism. The children required specialized medical care and skill which was not easily accessible due to financial constraints. Stated implications by investigator(s): The study has important implications as it focuses on difficulties and anxieties faced by parents, caregivers and family. The plethora of problems like decreased efficacy, increased stress and other health related issues have negative impact on the autistic child and may even reduce or even nullify positive interventions. The major implications of the study revealed that stress had adverse impact on the overall development of children with autism. It significantly changed the behavior of the parents towards their autistic children which increased the potential for negative development outcome as against those parents’ behavior who were less stressed out. This was important because behavioral shortcomings of parents may also be reflected in the behavior of autistic child who could become more agitated and violent, thus endangering his/her own safety along with that of others. Bringing up of autistic children is onerous experience for parents, families and caregivers. It was also deduced that if the specialized services are accessible either free or at reduced cost to low income group parents of autistic children, they have better chance of gaining employment and meeting their needs as well as the needs of their children, especially autistic children. Full day care services will allow parents with more opportunities for employment and give them time for completing household and other important chores which was hitherto used in caring for their autistic children. This would reduce their stress level and help them to focus on the needs of their children with autism. Moreover, with local care centers, travel time would be significantly reduced thereby ensuring better care for autistic children. The self efficacy of parents therefore, emerges as key issue for improving and improvising the care services for autistic children. The cognitive and adaptive limitations of the autistic children were crucial issue for parents, family and caregivers as they significantly limit their ability for independent living. The fact they require some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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