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Review - Chapter 1 Leadership - Article Example

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Because of the highly competitive nature of the current business environment, organizations have to manage change in a continuous improvement process. In this process, leadership is a critical component. As the article demonstrates, trust is a major issue of that leadership. I…
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Article Review - Chapter 1 Leadership
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Extract of sample "Review - Chapter 1 Leadership"

Because of the highly competitive nature of the current business environment, organizations have to manage change in a continuous improvement process. In this process, leadership is a critical component. As the article demonstrates, trust is a major issue of that leadership. I agree that the success of change management depends upon vision and strategy which must be trusted by the individual employees if they are to be motivated. A motivated workforce is one of the most important assets possessed by an organization and it is created by a leadership that is trusted by the workforce. In this respect, the article provides important information about how leaders can build trust among the employees. In my opinion, this information should be treated very seriously in view of the nature of its impact upon workforce motivation. Unless the organizational workforce can trust the leadership, it will not be motivated enough to boost productivity to the maximum and the business will lose its competitiveness in a dynamic environment.
In my opinion, the topic of trusted leadership is more important than ever because of the fast changing external environment. In this environment, organizations have to be dynamic to be competitive. The important components are a compelling vision, rock-solid strategy, excellent communication skills, innovative insight and a skilled team. They are the important components of a competitive organizational culture the basis of which is trusted leadership. This underscores the importance of building trust in leadership. This is a long-term process success in which leads to an organizational culture which creates competitive dynamism in a business environment which is changing constantly. Therefore trust in leadership is vital when it comes to maintaining the profit margin because it has a direct impact upon employee motivation. By emphasizing upon clarity, compassion, character, contribution, competency, connection, commitment and consistency, a leader can inspire trust the importance of which is underscored by its impact upon both individual and business performance.
Horsager, D. (2012). You can’t be a great leader without trust. Here’s how you build it. Forbes. Retrieved from 4/you-cant-be-a-great-leader-without-trust-heres-how-you-build-it/ Read More
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Article Review - Chapter 1 Leadership Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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