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Children with Special Educational Needs - Essay Example

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This paper tells that children with certain mental and physical disabilities have been present in the world since the beginning of the world. Such people who were mentally or physically disabled were often referred to as mentally handicapped people or children…
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Children with Special Educational Needs
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Download file to see previous pages It was then things started to improve for the mentally and physically disabled children. Instead of calling the mentally and physically challenged children as handicapped, these children were then referred as special educational needs children; a more respectable name. The government of the United Kingdom started to design policies and take initiatives in order to provide equal status to these special needs children. It was undertaken by the department of education to look after the matter of special needs children and build schools accordingly (Gabbitas Educational Consultants, 2012). After the late nineteen fifties, the government of many countries started to make effort to give the physically and mentally challenged people their deserved rights and status in the society. The children with mental and physical disabilities also have the right to study, play, and work and do whatever normal children are allowed to do in the society and at school. These physically and mentally challenged people also have feelings and are in fact more sensitive and delicate than normal children. These children must be taken under extra care and a very friendly environment so that their self-confidence is not sabotaged and harmed, so that they can grow up to become strong and responsible citizens of the society. It is a general thought that these physically and mentally challenged people are of no use for the society but in fact this is not the case, if these children are brought under proper care and guidance and are given the liberty to do whatever they can do best like any other normal children, there is no doubt that they can also do wonders for the society. Now many countries have government as well as private...
This paper approves the government also initiated a campaign to hire new, young, energetic and enthusiastic teachers who are willing to spend time with these special children and make efforts to improve the life and make their life better. A proper hiring process is followed to hire the right person and the government itself carries the process under the supervision of qualified personnel so that the right person is hired and a capable person is hired who can give proper training and education to the special children.
This paper makes a conclusion an act was passed by the government that is the duty of the government bodies to identify the children who require special education and then carry out a complete investigation regarding their health, family and psychological background and make conclusions and appoint the right school accordingly. It is also the duty of the government bodies to make sure that the special children are being taught and educate din the proper way and are being helped out with whatever disability they have. The government has made supervising teams whose job is to travel different schools without prior notice and observe the teaching method and curriculum being followed and the way the children are being treated and taken care of. There are numerous other small and large scale initiatives that have been taken by the government in order to make education available for all and give every child equal status and privilege without any discrimination on any grounds. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Children With Special Educational Needs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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