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Equality Within Modern Educational System - Essay Example

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This paper will speak about Inclusive educational practice which involves the triangular relation of teacher-parent partnership and pupil participation. Inclusive education has a key role to play in the agenda residing among the particular strategies identified by the government. …
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Equality Within Modern Educational System
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Download file to see previous pages (Beveridge, 2004) Crucially, the home-school relationship is also influenced by the child himself or herself. It is apparent, for example, that where parents see that their children are liked and valued by teachers, they are more likely to feel positive about communication and cooperation with school. At the same time, however, there is evidence that children seek to preserve some privacy in their home and school lives and to 'manage the gap' (Alldred et al., 2002) between them.
Concepts of inclusion and inclusive education have developed over time within the context of broader social values and political priorities. When the Warnock Report (DES, 1978) was published, it used the term 'integration' to refer to the involvement in mainstream school of those children with special educational needs who had traditionally been educated in segregated provision. It distinguished between different forms of integration: locational, when children with special educational needs share a site with mainstream pupils; social, when they also share social out-of-class activities; and functional, when they join in at least some mainstream lessons. This very simple model quickly became associated with narrow interpretations of what integration involved. It appeared to endorse a step-by-step progression, where children who could demonstrate their suitability might gradually move towards full involvement in mainstream provision.
As Sir Cyril Taylor (Chairman of the Specialist Trust) once said while giving interview to BBC, "Everybody should be concerned if there are children in the under performing schools" (BBC, 2006a).
Bearing all of these approaches in mind, the emphasis was placed on where education took place, rather than on its quality. Further,...
This paper approves that disabled school pupils and university students in England and Wales are about to get legal rights against discrimination. Under legislation coming into force on 1 September, educational institutions will have to ensure that disabled learners are not disadvantaged. And admissions procedures must not discriminate against disabled students seeking to enrol.
Earlier disability legislation had exempted the education sector. But the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act now extend the anti-discrimination protection to education. Institutions have to make “reasonable adjustments” to ensure that disabled students can participate in courses and lessons.
This essay makes a conclusion that in all schools, the quality, style and attitudes of leadership (in particular those of the head teacher) are crucial to creating and maintaining an inclusive ethos. One head stated, ‘We are a comprehensive school’, before stressing his duty to all-children in his community, including those with learning and behavioural difficulties. In schools coping well with behavioural issues, statements such as this were an articulation of deeply held beliefs, and senior staff, imbued with inclusive values, possessed the skill and motivation to influence the attitudes and actions of their sometimes more-doubting colleagues. Many teachers and Learning Support Assistants have become receptive to senior staff initiatives to engender positive behaviour management. Conversely, head teachers and senior staff are receptive to, and supportive of, teacher ideas and initiatives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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