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Final assingment - Essay Example

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Date 1. From your perspective and experience, what are two challenges to adolescents’ literacy development that currently impact learning in US schools? Why are these challenges having such a strong impact on adolescent literacy?…
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Final assingment
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Extract of sample "Final assingment"

Download file to see previous pages i. Disciplinary literacy This subject in the content areas of Math, Science and Social Studies should be a subject area to be taught to students when they are in the middle and secondary school setting and not the level at which they are taught currently. This may be given the approach of making the use of comprehensive strategies and subsequently teaching those strategies to adolescent readers. This aspect has been a challenge since most teachers or tutors have since believed that just the provision of adequate basic skills would suit kids with the adequate knowledge, which will enable them, read and write. This view once seemed feasible because at the time following it would enable schools produce an educated population for the countries needs. This was despite the fact that most of the students did not attain the highest level of education. Identity is an issue when it comes to disciplinary literacy; this is because it has many practical applications in classrooms. This is because it presents a challenge when it comes to a situation when one needs to understand their identity at different levels and how these identities shape what they see, view and understand texts. The identity challenge applies in the area of disciplinary literacy in the most basic sense to be able to deal with a given bunch of texts or academic artifacts; this is because this aspect requires that one is disciplinary literate in the area of study. This means one is proficient with the skills that would enable them pass the next level course by taking the material seriously and making sure that one is abreast with the skills required at every step in the process. Therefore, disciplinary literacy involves hard work with a strong foundation of the skills from the required disciplines which most of the teachers at the foundation level forego posing a challenge to the adolescents in terms of career development. It is considered a challenge in the majority because the few instances when it has been used it has brought in insights to many learners through useful applications hence enabling the setting up of appropriate foundations for students to progress deeper into their chosen disciplines (Brozo). ii. Poverty hence homelessness Poverty is a serious issue most so when it comes to the adolescents, this is even further propagated in situations when the same students both the rich and the poor share the same classroom setting. This is a problem because it would affect the level at which the adolescent poor will be willing to learn as the vice affects their innermost self in terms of how they feel and hence their motivation to learn. It is a worse scenario children being faced by poverty situations like homelessness when they are still in schools, this is despite the fact that the government existence while making expenditures towards unnecessary budgets. In the US, about 13 million children are faced with a homelessness situation due to low income while they can still afford to stay in the same classrooms with other students (Brozo). Although some children still manage to learn even in the states which they are in most of the adolescent students are poor students due to the lack of early literacy development due to lack of permanent stations. The state is even worsened, as the teachers may not be willing to understand the situation in which the children had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Final Assingment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Final Assingment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Final Assingment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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