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Final Questions - Assignment Example

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It can be an invention, a literary work, a novel, music, a poem, films and plays or even artwork; symbols, images and names, photographs and designs. There are various rights in relation to the IP that ensures…
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Final Assignment Questions
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Extract of sample "Final Questions"

Download file to see previous pages IP is quite an important asset to the people of America for it is of very high economic value as well as an important element of the health and safety of the general American public (NIPRCC, 2011).
The counterfeit merchandise therefore does not only pose a threat to the safety and health of the American public but also largely pause a threat to the general economy of the American nation since such products deprive the nation of hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars in terms of lost profits, tax revenue losses, job loss as well as additional product enforcement costs in the different supply chains (NIPRCC, 2011). Counterfeit products such as the pharmaceuticals, automobile parts pauses a great threat to the health and safety of the entire American public. This is because the counterfeit products fail to match the desired quality standards. Increase in counterfeit products has resulted from increased theft of IP which has further threatened the general security of the American nation. Increased theft of the US trade secrets and more so regarding the US war fighter poses a huge threat to the American national security (NIPRCC, 2011).
In the year 1999, the president of America William J. Clinton issued an executive order 13133 that was purposely meant to address the issue of unlawful conduct and especially through the use of the internet. The reasoning behind the issue of this order was that if the use of the internet can be properly controlled, crimes such as sale of illegal firearms and explosives via the internet, sale of drugs, child pornography as well as fraud could adequately be controlled by the American government. The unlawful conduct in the internet was to be addressed through a working group selected by the president to resolve the particular issue.
As stipulated by the executive order 13133, the working group goals included analyzing the already existing federal laws and assessing the extent to which these laws ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Assignment Questions Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Final Assignment Questions Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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