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Final Assignment - Essay Example

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Non-state actors are entities that act in the international relations and they have adequate power to influence and cause change in the internationals system. Non-state actors are not members of any established institution, state but they play a leading role in opinion building…
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Final Assignment
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Final Assignment Question What is a network or non actor? Non actors are entities that act in the international relations and they have adequate power to influence and cause change in the internationals system. Non-state actors are not members of any established institution, state but they play a leading role in opinion building in international affairs. Forms of non-state actors include non-governmental organizations, multinationals, as well as violent groups like Al Qaeda.
Question 2: Why is terrorism hard to define?
Terrorism is one of the most controversial issues in the world; however, despite its global publicity, there is no concrete and universally accepted definition. The definition of terrorism varies from state to states and also among individuals. Notably, many definitions suggested cover the three aspects of terrorism including the causes, perpetrators and the means of attack.1 Defining terrorism is very difficult because the meaning of the term has changed frequently since its inception, that is, it was initially seen as a positive, politically focused and state-sponsored activity but with time, it has been largely associated with violent non-state actors and criminal implications. Secondly, terrorists never admit being terrorists and they never accept being violent and a threat to the international community but they perceive themselves as focused individuals participating in legitimate struggle using the only available means to them. In addition, the use of neutral names such as Al Qaeda attracts different public opinions. For instance, the victims of terrorism perceive the perpetrators as criminals and while majority firmly opposes terrorism, some individuals offer sympathy and support to them. Therefore, conflicting views makes it difficult to come up with a universally accepted definition.
Question 3: Why do uncivil networks form?
Uncivil network are seen as the drivers of the conflict as they encourage individuals to cause violence and engage in activities that disrupt peace.2 In most cases, uncivil networks are formed for political reasons. They are fraud to acquire power or political influence. In addition, they are formed to challenge the legal rules and they are mostly associated with illegality or criminal activities.
Question 4: What is human trafficking?
Human trafficking is a process whereby individuals are transported from their communities or countries via the use of threat or deception and forcing them into unfavorable work conditions and dehumanizing activities. Agreeably, it is mainly done to exploit individuals, for instance, it includes sexual exploitation, forced labor and marriage, and removing organs from individuals among others. It is a violation of human rights because the victims are usually forced to work, owned, or dehumanized.3 Human trafficking is a form of slavery in the modern society and it is considered a form of slavery because it involves transporting individuals to another country against their will to benefit others.
Question 5: Why dont stronger arms control norms exist?
Arms control refers to the international restrictions on the creation, distribution and usage of weapons particularly those of mass destruction. Actually, these laws are usually enacted to regulate the possession of arms.4 Many arms control laws are enacted and many treaties signed but having a stronger arms control norms is difficult because in most cases, there are many opponents of arms control laws as they benefit from these weapons. Some claim that weapons such as guns are useful especially when used for protection not criminal activities.
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Final Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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