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Practical Applications and Recommendations, Part 4 - Assignment Example

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Practical Applications and Recommendations, Part 4 Institution Date Practical Applications and Recommendations, Part 4 Assessments form vital part within educational systems. Through assessments educators are able to evaluate learners’ capability in respect to their cognitive capacity especially in mastering and understanding various concepts…
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Practical Applications and Recommendations, Part 4
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Extract of sample "Practical Applications and Recommendations, Part 4"

Download file to see previous pages Irrespective of the assessment employed, the main aim is to have effective ways of making sure that students are evaluated in order to establish their cognitive capability. The following paper aims at providing a comparison and contrast of traditional and alternative assessments. In addition, the paper proposes three ways new advances in computer and Web technologies would benefit K-12 assessment whilst highlighting a way related to assessments. This discussion also proposes applications and practical applications to assessment of special populations. Lastly, whilst providing a rationale, the paper attempts to develop a survey tool having at least ten items, with each item having a Liket scale of 1 to 5. The paper provides a conclusion, which identifies the main points of the discussion. Comparison between Traditional and Alternative Assessments The mostly extensively used traditional assessment tools in evaluating students are multiple-choice tests. In addition, traditional assessment tools always assume that knowledge has a universal meaning hence is applicable in all sectors and learners (David, 2009). Another feature of traditional assessment tools is that they always treat learning as passive where learners only sit down and obtain information from their instructors. Many traditional assessment tools test cognitive abilities differently from affective as well as aonative abilities (Bocij and Greasley, 1999). Surprisingly, traditional assessment tools also view learning process as an individual aspect hence learners will be evaluated independently. On a different perspective, alternative assessments have been employed in respect to overcoming flaws experienced within traditional assessments (Mary, Janet, & Troy, 1999). Alternative assessments tools have specific features that include treating learning as an active process, basis the process of learning on inquiry, looking at the learning process as collaborative, as well as the fact that alternative assessment tools place adequate emphasis on product and process (David, 2009). As both product and process, alternative assessment tools have since concentrated in identifying specific facts or skills concerning the learners in question. In this perspective, traditional assessment tool differs greatly from alternative assessment tools. Computers and Web Technologies on K-12 Assessments Computers and Web technologies are changing various aspects of education. Through computers and Web technologies evaluation has changed significantly. Firstly, there has been a possibility of assessing or evaluating learners from a wide perspective or spectrum (Mary, Janet, & Troy, 1999). Computer and Web technologies have the tools required in assessing students based on different tests. Secondly, another way through which computers and Web technologies will benefit K-12 assessments is the fact that it will enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency and effectiveness is an important aspect within assessment (Schneberger, Donald, & Durfee, 2007). Evaluation within K-12 is important given that it is used to identify and understand the cognitive ability of students. With increased efficiency and effectiveness, evaluation within K ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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