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E commerce Platforms Conduct to Businesss - Admission/Application Essay Example

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E-commerce Platforms Conduct to Business Abstract In todays’ business environment, Management Information System (MIS) plays a vital role for enhancing the performance and productivity of the organizations. In Allen & Overy, an international law company, MIS can be implemented in order to enhance the business effectiveness…
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E commerce Platforms Conduct to Businesss
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Download file to see previous pages Besides, there are different other social and ethical implications that must be addressed by Allen & Overy before implementing MIS. A proper investment plan can also help to achieve desired success in relation to MIS implementation. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Company Profile 4 Application of MIS in Allen & Overy 5 Importance of MIS to Allen & Overy 5 Impact of MIS on Business Logic of Allen & Overy 7 Target Users of MIS 8 Impact of MIS on Human Capital, Environmental, Management and Revenues of the Organization 8 Ethical and Social Implications this MIS for Allen & Overy 11 Short / Mid-term Investment Strategy and Return on Investment 11 Conclusion 13 E-commerce Platforms Conduct to Business Introduction In any business, Information System (IS) helps to generate information for meeting the requirements of both organizations as well as other major parties related with them. This information reflects the inner functions of organizations, competitive activities, environmental and sociological interests along with other business trends. Information requirements exist with equal importance in every industry. The growth of business is directly related with the amplification of data and information processing. Thus, it has become important for every organization in present days to manage and to process information in better ways. In this context, it can be stated that Management Information System (MIS) assists organizations for better management and processing of information. The idea of MIS is to accumulate internal and external data into unified and operative business information (Asemi et al., 2011). Focusing on this aspect, the report provides an explanation regarding the use of MIS in Allen & Overy. The purposes of the report are to highlight the significance of MIS Allen & Overy, demonstrate how the implementation of MIS can create an impact on human capital, environmental, management and revenue of the organization, understand the ethical and social implications of MIS and devise a short-term investment strategy along with return on investment of MIS implementation in Allen & Overy. Company Profile Allen & Overy is an international law company which is centrally located in London. Allen & Overy is broadly considered to be one of the most elite law firms in the world, which advises multinational along with national corporations, governments and financial institutions. This company was founded in the year 1930, and since then it has been able to grow as one of the biggest law firms around the world. The corporation operates with the help of 5000 staff which include in excess of 500 partners who operate in the 42 offices worldwide. This firm is largely known for providing legal advice to various countries (Allen & Ovary, 2013). Application of MIS in Allen & Overy MIS is a set of cohesive technology which gathers, processes, categorizes, stores and shares information in order to support decision making. MIS comprises information regarding clients, locations and products/services within organization along with the surrounding business environment. It provides information regarding actual economic worth to the business. In reality, a complete MIS includes every system that facilitates management decisions and actions. Figure 1 demonstrates the types of MIS that can be used in Allen & Overy. Fig 1: Types of MIS Importance of MIS to Allen & Overy MIS ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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E Commerce Platforms Conduct to Businesss Admission/Application Essay.
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