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Comprehensive Paper Incorporating Masters in Public Health Core - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The project “Comprehensive Paper Incorporating Masters in Public Health Core and Concentration-Area Competencies” allows the author to draw conclusions about the scopes in public health relying on his practical experience working within the competency model with American Heart Association…
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Comprehensive Paper Incorporating Masters in Public Health Core
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Download file to see previous pages Biostatistics, as the name suggests, entails incorporating statistics into biology. Statistics is majorly associated with calculations and figures, while biology entails anything the study of anything that is living. Biostatistics entails the use of statistics to represent public health problems. Biostatistics is a core competence in research since it presents public health problems in figures that are easy to interpret and understand. As a core competency in Masters in Public Health, Biostatistics plays a significant role in research. It represents evidenced-based research a component essential in health. Through this, the public health sector is able to plan for intervention or mitigation measures based on the findings.
Under Masters in Public Health, Biostatistics includes the use of measures in an analysis. It entails the use of statistical aspects to solve public health dilemmas. Areas in which biostatistics has been used in public health is in evaluating the use of technology in public health. This is used to relate its effectiveness and the risks it poses to individuals. Consequently, biostatistics can be used to quantify public health problems and hence play an important role in the decision making the process of public health issues.
Biostatistics is evident in my fieldwork experience whose aim was to prevent heart disease and stroke. This is since in the assessment biostatistics helped me in the identification of intended target audience. It is by using statistics that I was able to evaluate the community that was aware of the risks of heart disease and stroke. Consequently, biostatistics helped me relate my finding with previous studies done so that I could come up with recommendations to be implemented to prevent heart disease and stroke.
As a core competency in Masters in Public Health, environmental health science entails developing a relationship between the environment and its influences the health of individuals and the community. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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