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Effective Mentoring and Coaching Reflection - Essay Example

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This essay describes mentoring and coaching reflection paper.The paper reflects on the teacher's responses about expectations on characteristics and types of support that are offered by mentors and coaches.Mentoring or coaching is a process that aims at teaching…
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Effective Mentoring and Coaching Reflection
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Extract of sample "Effective Mentoring and Coaching Reflection"

Download file to see previous pages Integrity, honesty, and ethics are important in any coaching and mentoring process. Upholding these virtues help to create confidence, and trust between the mentors and the mentee and this promotes mutual relationships that allow the process to be successful. It allows the mentors to express their weakness as well as strengths without any coercion and this enables the mentoring process to fair on well. Many of the participants further expressed the need for the mentor to be of high integrity to help boost on the mentorship relationship. Many of the teachers indicated that passion was very crucial in the process of mentorship. Passion enables mentors to be committed in the entire process of mentoring and therefore, inculcates the same virtue to the mentee that will often associate this with the already developed qualities. However, a group of teachers was the idea that passion should be sparingly expressed while other seemed to think that it was imperative that the passion is totally expressed. To ensure effective mentoring, the passions of the mentors or coaches is salient and therefore, it is important that this is illustrated in the mentoring process in order to trigger positive change in behavior and stimulate or ensure full engagement and improvement in achievement.There was a conflicting opinion on the question on whether the mentor or coach is supposed to learn from the mentoring process. Mixed reactions were elicited with one teacher who held to the opinion that, a mentor....
Mixed reactions were elicited with one teacher who held to the opinion that, a mentor or a coach should learn from outside sources before mentoring others. This is a way to ensure that the learners are confident in the process. The mentor should also be well informed on what to mentor to ensure that the process is successful. The mentee expects the mentor to teach new things and therefore, the mentor needs to be abreast with facts. On the other hand, other teachers were of the contrary opinion and argued that, the open process of mentoring was the best approach because it allowed the mentor to learn from the process. This is because, there are different circumstances and situations and therefore, such situations help the mentor to gain more skills and knowledge. Furthermore, they contend that, research materials on mentorship was only a guide that mentors use and therefore they are just mere guidelines to direct the mentor on the best practices during mentorship. For development of appropriate mentorship skills, it is appropriate for understanding of the mentee and the environment in which the process of mentoring is taking place. Furthermore, the mentor should show commitment on any assigned role that many arise from the process. This facilitated acquisition of same characteristics in the mentored parties and promoted effectiveness of the mentoring and coaching process. A mentor is required to focus on problem solving and empowering other people by assigning duties. They were of the opinion that transformation needs to be adopted to ensure that skills are transferred appropriately. However, to achieve this, understanding of both reformation and transformational processes is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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