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Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership and Management - Assignment Example

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The main objective of the report “Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership and Management” is to identify whether or not the adoption of coaching and the mentoring system can be utilized in order to train the staffs required to occupy the highly skilled positions…
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Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership and Management
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Extract of sample "Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership and Management"

Download file to see previous pages The main task of a manager is to get results through people as well as other resources. Since most of the industries are becoming more reliant upon knowledge as well as service, people, as well as their skill and performance, are a top managerial concern. Companies possess a greater interest in the capabilities of their employees that they endeavor to develop by means of formal and on-the-job training and progressive job assignments. They further expect managers as well as supervisors to develop employee capacity by means of coaching and mentoring.
The main objective of the report is to identify whether or not the adoption of coaching and the mentoring system can be utilized in order to train the staffs required to occupy the highly skilled positions that organizations might find it increasingly difficult to fill in the near future. The report will further attempt at offering numerous definitions regarding what coaching and mentoring is and how they must be utilized as a part of the organization's knowledge management system. The costs, as well as benefits associated with the organization in introducing such systems, will also be highlighted. Furthermore, the report’s objective will be to outline how organizations can deliver high-quality coaching and mentor to the employees and the key performance indicators that organizations can utilize to judge the ongoing success of such a system.
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) views mentoring as the development of abilities as well as potentials in the role to be played by an individual rather than developing their performance and skills. It can be comprehended as specific learning along with development interference that can be utilized in a wide way however in a specific situation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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