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Mentoring - Essay Example

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This paper talks about mentoring which is conventionally demonstrated as a top down, one-to-one association involving support of a senior member of faculty for the career expansion of a fresh or early-career staff member, and huge amount of research for development of a faculty programs…
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Extract of sample "Mentoring"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper declares in several aspects, modern day relationships of mentoring are different from the past. In old times, the main objective of mentoring was just one-way transfer of extensive amount of information and awareness. The mentee used to be just a recipient and most of the times had little control or authority in this relationship. Their relationship used to last for certain days or months, and one mentee was only allowed to have one mentor. Moreover, Mentoring used to happen on only face-to-face basis.
According to the report findings majority of the schools conduct number of extracurricular activities like swimming, baseball, football or soccer etc., there is no school with an extracurricular lab for computer having a computer coach to maintain it. The reactions towards various attempts to introduce mentoring for students of high schools have been spoilt with everything from lack of sympathy to opposition. An individual needs to have a teaching certificate in order to join a school as a teacher and not some new ideas or motivation. Another major barrier that female mentors come across everyday is gender barrier. From both physiological and social point of view female mentors are highly discouraged by the society. School districts with effective mentor programs actively seek accomplished veteran staff members to serve as mentors. Several stakeholders should discuss and contribute to the construction of a profile of the kind of person who would serve as a mentor. Several sources suggest the kind of qualities to look for in a mentor. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...most of them are operating informally without the back up of professional practice. The mentors work outside the established careers and lack approved practice guidelines, training programs and formal curriculums. The project will improve the efficiency of mentors to make youth mentoring more effective and beneficial towards youth empowerment. The youth mentoring development project provides opportunities youth to contribute in improving the efficiency of mentoring programs. The project was a national youth meeting characterised by a series of discussion groups involving young people, policy makers and stakeholder representatives. The activities focused...
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Medical Mentoring

... are starkly different for both genders, particularly as it is more difficult for women to approach mentors (DeLaat, 2007). Since there is a rarity of women in several elite fields in medicine, which reduces their chances of getting mentorship or sponsorship in these sub-fields, women are rarely inducted into these fields. Most female medical students have wondered whether there are women in some fields of medicine for them to contact. In addition, there was also a feeling that female medical students could mentor undergraduate female students; especially the undergraduate students interested in science, but short on ideas and encouragement (DeLaat, 2007). However, the issue of what mentors would get out of mentoring female students came...
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...personal, spiritual and social values in young men. The modern mentoring borrows from the historical apprentice/craftsmen relationship where trade was learnt by young people through copying the master artisan. It was in the 1970s that mentoring was adopted as a career development strategy. Indeed, this cost-saving approach has been universally applied to ensure continuous professional development. This paper evaluates the application of mentoring as a human resource function in the teaching profession. Establishing what mentorship means in the teaching profession and evaluating the resultant benefits, it would be appreciated that mentoring is a universal and cost...
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Learning Mentoring

... cases, this influential person is considered a mentor. Moreover, the relationship that has been formed between the two parties may be considered as mentoring. Basically, all the scenarios described above are examples of the mentoring process. Mentoring is defined as: ...A partnership between two people built upon trust. It is a process in which the mentor offers ongoing support and developmental opportunities to the mentee. Addressing issues and blockages identified by the mentee, the mentor offers guidance, counselling and support in the form of pragmatic and objective assistance. Both share a common purpose of developing a strong two-way learning relationship (Clutterbuck, 2001). Mentoring, as shown above, can be used in several ways...
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... to understand the problems that he is facing while studying. It is necessary for an individual to make up his base so that he doesn't encounter any problems in the future. And in the present world individuals are facing a lot of difficulties while developing their base. Here only the mentors come in between and play an important role. Mentors help in developing the base of individuals and help them in their studies. Mentoring can be described as a mean of developing and nurturing of the individual. This tool can be devised as special programs or just a daily routine. The individuals who are being mentored examine and discover further techniques to improve their base. After analyzing the problems they are having the protgs can ask questions...
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Mentoring programs

.... This particular kind of social work intervention is followed with similar programs all over the world. Both individuals and organizations involved in monitoring are supported with such organizations as MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership and the National Mentoring Center. Furthermore, numerous corporations sponsor large-scale monitoring initiatives, which involve their employees. Mentoring programs are also supported by the government; in 2003 alone President George W. Bush donated half a billion dollars for two new mentoring initiatives (DuBois and Karcher, 2005). Recently, mentoring has been approved as a serious approach to...
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Nursing Mentoring Program

... dialogues and meetings with other employees working for some other mentoring program at the VA system. 1c. Carry out an evidence-based detailed research on the development of needs assessment tool in order to analyze the effectiveness of an evidenced-based mentoring program in the improvement of the skills and knowledge of all those employees who are pursuing a degree in healthcare 1d. Prepare a draft of the needs assessment through research and discuss the draft not only with the mentor of the training program but also with the clinical research nurses 1e. Manage an assessment tool to review and analyze the performance of the nursing staff working for the mentoring program. Make summary of the results after the analyzing staff’s...
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...Mentoring One of the most important ways to integrate with one’s audience or with other shareholders is seeking to hone the skills of intimacy with those that one integrates with. However, as with many skills, the ability to increase one’s ability within this area requires practice and dedication in order to effect. However, one can easily estimate the one of the prime determinants towards affecting a positive effect on intimacy with respect to one’s audience is seeking to integrate an understanding and level of empathy with the particular approach. As such, the best way to coach an increase in this ability would be to seek to increase an increase in the relationship development that the speaker and/or teacher has with regards... One of...
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... Mentoring Today people pay great attention to knowledge management at work and many of them resort to mentoring in order to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities at work. It is difficult to give a single definition of mentoring. Basically, mentoring is presented by professional help provided by mentor to client in the process of relationship-oriented and lasting communication. Mentoring is not a short-term process; it is requires working on both professional and personal life in order to achieve any improvement in clients life. Overall, mentoring is a tool used for personal and professional development. Purposes of mentoring 1. To enable work-related development Mentors help people to solve their problems at work and out...
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Mentoring New Nurses

...deliver quality health care. When nurses graduate, they move into the real world expecting to make a difference in patients’ lives. However, the feelings of uncertainty and other barriers may prevent them from achieving their goals. For this reason, mentorship programs have been created to help new nurses become acquainted with the hospital setting. Body Evidently, every nurse has experienced the anxiety faced by new nurses. In many hospitals, senior nurses are required to offer guidelines for new nurses and give them training on how to complete different tasks. Research indicates that nurses who receive relevant training and mentoring are more likely to stay in their positions. Mentored nurses are likely to be more motivated and...
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Mentoring at the Workplace for Effective Staff Development

...Mentoring in the Workplace Introduction A mentor is a person who can be considered as a trusted friend, counsellor or teacher. In general a mentor isa more experienced person. The student of a mentor is called a protégé or mentee. Some professions have "mentoring programs" in which newcomers are paired with more experienced people in order to obtain good examples and advice as they advance, and schools sometimes have mentoring programs for new students or students who are having difficulties. Mentoring refers to a developmental relationship between a more experienced mentor and a less experienced partner referred to as a mentee or protégé. Today mentors provide their expertise to less experienced individuals in order to help them advance...
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Mentoring and Clinical Supervision in Nursing Practice

...the scholarship, academy, knowledge, and learning can actually only be bridged by a constant supervision while rendering clinical activity and care by the mentors of the mentees Mentoring and Clinical Supervision: Although there is a growing concern regarding the frustration related to today’s nursing environment, an attitude change is enough to beget drastic changes in the status of healthcare nursing. This is the time of rapid and phenomenal changes in the pattern of healthcare delivery mainly due to advancement in technology and progressive development of the cult of increasing application of research to accomplish evidence-based care (Mills, J.E., Francis, K.L., and Bonner, A., 2005). Despite the...
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Mentoring in the Career Development

... and protective elements (Aston & Molassiotis, 2002), one who acknowledges that learning can be stressful but still assists the learner to develop the confidence and the skills (Nursing Standard, 2004). Hence mentoring is a multi-dimensional process that involves people, environment and events as mentoring influence. Nevertheless, there is lack of clarity about its definition and purpose (Aston & Molassiotis, 2002) as well as the facilitation and assessment in practice. The mentor’s responsibility does not start with teaching and end with assessment (Price, 2004). It involves creating an environment conducive to learning. Working in the medical assessment unit (MAU) I fully understand the problems that students face when they first arrive...
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Critical Reflection on Mentoring and Assessing

... to assess the learning of the mentee and my performance as a mentor both. This reflective exercise will throw light on the intricate complexities of my profession, the demanding ethical implications of my job, and the rigorous requirement of my fitness for standards (NMC, Standards 02.04). This is a written account of it so it may invoke a critical appraisal of my own actions, and as expected will open vistas for self-analysis and experiential self-learning. This would enrich my skill of mentoring by development of knowledge, its transmission, and its use in practice setting (NMC 2004b). Background Throughout this account, I shall use Gibbs (1988) cyclical model of reflection. Reflection offers a subjective and contextual view of the world...
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Psychological Contracts, Effective Communication, Mentoring, Professional Development, Performance Assessment, and Health Concerns of Workers

... and Posner, 2007). Leaders should encourage their followers’ hearts by recognizing individual contributions and celebrating team accomplishments (Kouzes and Posner, 2007). Such positive response further motivates others to work even harder. From the foregoing, it has been established that an effective leader has a good command of his team. Of course, this also goes for school managers who lead an administrative staff to run a school with him. The staff members under him should provide their utmost cooperation and support in order for the whole leadership team to function at its best for the school’s best interest. Mentoring A leader is considered a mentor to his team members. Learning in a mentoring relationship is not one-way...
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Coaching and Mentoring in Business

.... In house training which forms part of coaching is very effective for ensuring the retention of workers. On the other hand, Kay and Hinds (2005) define mentoring as “a relationship between two parties who are not connected within a line management structure, in which one party (a mentor) guides the other (the mentee) through a period of change towards an agreed objective.” It is about giving help and support in a non-threatening way, in a manner that the recipient will appreciate and value and that will empower them to move forward with confidence towards what they want to achieve. This process is also concerned with creating an informal environment in which one person can feel encouraged to discuss their needs and circumstances openly...
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The Use of Formal Mentoring Schemes by Organizations

...hat there are no hindrances as such on the suggested levels (Dessler 2007). Employees’ morale holds the key for the eventual decisions that are made for them when it comes to imparting training and the related facilities. There must be an effort to mobilize the employees more and more and seek from them a feedback mechanism so that their role comes out significantly well within the related context of training regimes (Lick 1999). The formal mentoring schemes within the organizations of today are shaping up because there is a need to address the challenges which have come up. The employees know little with respect to social and personal pressures which engulf their domains and it is only natural to understand that formal mentoring...
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Improving the Mentoring Program of Dr Hussa Al Husine

Emily's immediate supervisor deems her ‘over-enthusiasm’ as an impediment to her efficiency at work. Thus, she is recommended to lessen the time she spends for every patient.
Although she understands her supervisor’s recommendation from a business operation’s point-of-view, she is still adamant in her belief that gaining customer insights is crucial in aiding the pharmacy in better developing its line-up of medicinal offers. Carrying this burden, Emily consults her mentor in The Medical Nation, Dr Hussa Al Husine.
The mentoring session with Dr Husine happens twice a week for three weeks after Emily’s daily working period. Even without having a firm background in professional coaching, Emily thin...
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Organizational Mentoring Evaluation Plan

...and concerns of the delivered program will be identified. Restaurant and Catering Association needed the tools to measure effectiveness of its programmes, systems and processes as it was initiating a large scale mentoring initiative. The organization has 950 employees of which 50 are in upper level management, 150 are supervisors and 750 are hourly workers. The organization has over recent years recorded a low employee performance and it has not been able to provide adequate satisfaction to its employees. The organization therefore felt the need to deliver a mentoring program so as to help employees improve their performance by carrying out their duties in the right way. The organization also believes...
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The Role of a Mentor as an Individuals Transition from Child to Adult: Concept and Processes of Mentoring

... on, keeping Odysseus busy with it (Barondess, 1995, p.3). Daniel J. Levinson (1986) can be credited with acknowledging the role of mentoring in the modern sense through research as he studied biographies of forty people to show that mentoring in early adulthood had a great positive role (93). The role of mentor as a “transitional figure” in the process of an individual’s transition from child to adult, is stressed by Levinson (1986, p.99-100). The origins of mentoring can also be traced back to the practice where students of teaching profession used to undertake teaching practice under the supervision of senior teachers (Cullingford, 2006, p.2). In general, mentoring is a notion by which “a more experienced individual (the mentor) works...
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