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Date: Should College Athletes Be Paid? Sports around the world are a significant concern as they develop talent and promote health. In most institutions, this is a mandatory program that seeks to open students’ minds and allow them relaxation…
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Should College Athletes Be Paid
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"Should College Athletes Be Paid"

Download file to see previous pages The key question posed by many previous reformists is whether college athletes should be paid. Given the consideration of many factors such as health, behavior, multi-billion dollar industry, moral decay, physical condition, talent and popularity, it stills remains an issue at stake whether student athletes should be paid (Sack & Staurowsky 139). Various magazine articles have been presented, covering the issue which has necessitated immediate action from reformists and ranking professional in the field. The National College Athletic Association over the previous year provided that schools should award the students two thousand dollars per year as a stipend but dropped the proposal after concerns were raised on how it would be achieved by the media. Upon pressure by the highlighted events through media coverage such as Euro sports and sports columnists, prominent coaches think that this idea should be revived and have sought to have it implemented. This is based on the argument that the playoffs fetch more money that is given to the directors, coaches and NCAA and which should also be given to the students. In my opinion, the media have enhanced the speed of consideration of this issue by providing information on the step taken and direction thus far. Student athletes should be get non cash payments from their colleges while if hired by companies they should receive monetary compensation for their time and energy. In this case, payment depends on a variety of things and can be achieved in many forms. Television coverage of sports competitions among the various institutions to determine the winner generates millions of dollars as additional revenue for the participating schools in which case the thousands of college and university students should be part of the cake (Shropshire & Davis 156). Cash payments should be made when the students play for an outside team or when hired by the companies outside the scope of the school. Through the media, open discussions and forums have come up to discuss issues relating to payments of athletes. Some magazines provide coverage on certain players posing probable concerns on payments and television shows invite athletes on talk show trying to get their views on the matter and other issues in the federation. Colleges on the other side need to focus on the students as a motivational tool and award them benefits in kind such as insurance schemes, proper housing, full educational scholarships and other fringe benefits (Griffin 91). The coverage of significant presentations such as ESPN show that student athletes spend more time in the field practicing and in most cases utilize most of their energy to gain money for the schools which then should have a responsibility to motivate them by offering them some form of payment. It is essential to note that talented students will most likely attend colleges that offer rewards for their efforts and thus most of management will seek them immediately after high schools with enticing propositions such as scholarships awards. This is not enough though, and they need to further offer cash and remuneration after the games athletes participate (Shropshire & Davis 162). Sporting events are also covered in movies which try to bring more action on what actually transpires in the field. High school ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Should college athletes be paid
...? Should College Athletes be paid? I do believe that college athletes should be paid and thispaper will talk about the issues that exist between colleges and athletes regarding paying to college athletes. Mainly it will focus on the strengths and positive points of paying to college athletes as they are definitely stronger then the negative ones. Since a long time, college athletes have been working with their hearts and souls day after day and year after year for the...
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Should College Athletes Get Paid
... Should College Athletes Get Paid? College athletes are at a decided monetary disadvantage when compared with non-athlete students and consequently should receive at least a small stipend by the university or NCAA. Students who do not play sports are able to acquire part-time jobs so they can purchase basic items such as clothing, toiletries and other school related things in addition to perhaps a hamburger and fries with their classmates on the weekend. Some contend that student athletes are already being due to their scholarship and that is adequate reimbursement for their services. Setting aside for the now that college athletes who participate in the more popular sports such as football and basketball earn millions of dollars... ...
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Should College Athletes Get Paid
...?Should College Athletes Get Paid? Introduction Truly, the debate on whether college should get paid has been ongoing for a very long time. Both sides of the arguments present many reasons why college athletes should get paid or not. However, the debate seems to become more contested with time since college games and athletics have increasingly attracted income from promoters, sponsors, and advertisers. Whereas, college athletics are part of learning for many students, it is worth noting...
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Should college athletes be paid
...Should College Athletes be paid? College sports play an integral role in higher education by promoting student unity, maintaining connections with alumni, and enhancing the overall student experience. College athletic teams offer benefits to prospective students as a unique educational opportunity for those who are interested in engaging in athletics. Athletics develops professionalism and team oriented persons, aspects that are critical for business success. Accountability of athletes is fundamental, and both athletes and coaches should...
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College Athletics. Should college athletes be paid
...been carried out to analyze what student athletes thought of their first semester showed that the majority of them thought it was stressful and busy. This shows that the athletes are being overworked in a lucrative industry for no compensation (Higbee & Schultz, 2012). Studies have also shown that the college athletes lack the necessary communication and negotiation skills they should possess as athletes. Little attention is paid to this aspect, hence, they are unable to negotiate or express their concern to their superiors (Camire, Trudel & Fomeris, 2009). As a majority of the student athletes are...
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Should college athletes get paid
...and Contention: Should college athletes be paid? Outline (A) Introduction (I)Understanding who is a college athlete (II)Nature of scholarships extended in relation to sports (B) Pros of paying college athletes (I)Colleges are generating a lot of cash from sports and thus can afford it. (II)Would earn athletes ability to fund their full-time involvement and other basic needs (III)Motivating factor (IV)Open more doors for tapping more talents (V)Sustenance of medical care (VI) Cases of needy students (VII)Would boost handicapped athletes ...
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