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Administering the School Budget - Essay Example

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The purpose of this piece of work is to investigate the administrative role of district school budgeting responsibility. In additionally, it gives clear emphasizes on accounting and auditing. …
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Administering the School Budget
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"Administering the School Budget"

Download file to see previous pages This objective is extremely essential as it negates possible fund embezzlement. Without proper financial management, the school administrative would enormous losses. (Brimley et al, 2008).In an education set up, there are three most influential financial functions. These include auditing, budgeting, and accounting functions. Although, the functions are separate, discrete, and distinct operations, nonetheless they have close relationships. They are the required financial activities that provide a reliable fiscal data, information, accountability, and guidance to government funds allocated to public school programs. Budgeting is the system through which the funds allocated expenditure is particularly determined and approved. Accounting takes care of money organization by use ledger that standardizes the spending. Financial accounting, for the state and local school system applies the coding system, to enable financial auditors analyzes the school spending, and makes sure that the legal procedures and appropriate use of public funds.Budgeting is a vital tool for the school districts. It ensures the successful operation of the local and state public schools. Nonetheless, effective budgeting paves way for significant mission planning opportunities, achieving the educational goals and objectives, and improving administrative operations. As such, financial loss is considerably evaded. This allows the state to gain confidence of the running of public schools. As a result, government disburses more financial aid to these schools for effective learning (Brimley et al, 2008). Additionally, it creates a positive image of local schools to the public thereby enhancing beneficial relationships. Therefore, attracts potential stakeholders to donate for the local school funding programs. More technically, a budget is a statement presentation of the total amount of school spending, and the necessary resources required to run the program and an approximation of the revenues that covers the expenditure. The education system has experimented many organizational budgets that aim at eradicating financial losses. This ensures that the students are well catered for, and child misses the essential education. No leaving trails can be experienced in the future with proper financial budgeting. Leaving trail is deviating from the path of practice (Brimley et al, 2008). The incidences of fund misuse are substantially minimized when a thorough budgeting program is set for the public schools. It provides clear, authentic education system responsibilities that help achieve high standards of education. The local schools often take the basic objective budgeting systems alongside the program budgeting systems that zero in to the required school objectives. These programs narrow down the possibility reports of child education fund misuse at the local level. The activities are particularly done with the aim of linking the budget system to school goals and objectives but simultaneously devolving a budgeting system at the local education level (Brimley et al, 2008). Budgeting at the school level helps track costs and school spending to ensure accountability and responsible spending. Budgeting performs crucial functions for most of the district schools. The budgeting system at the school level organizes public spending along the basic functions and proper management of the system. This includes student care and support, student’s transportation to school, administration functions but not limited to school operation, staff and nonstaff support (Brimley et al, 2 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Budget operating plans (Lazere, 1998). The widespread practice of using budgets in organizations is a clear indication that the advantages of a well-designed budgeting process outweigh its costs. References Haeckel, S. (199). Adaptive Enterprise, Harvard Business School Press. Hansen, S. C./Otley, D. T./Van der Stede, W. A. (2003). Practice Developments in Budgeting: An Overview and Research Perspective. Journal of Management Accounting Research, 15, 95-116. Horngren, C.T., Datar, S.M., Foster, G. (2007). Cost Accounting: A managerial Emphasis (12th ed.). New Delhi: Prentice-Hall of India Private Limited. Hope, J. and Fraser, R. (1997). Beyond Budgeting....
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