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6th October, 2011 Instructional Methods Instructor Centered This is a way in which information is presented to the students during teaching process. It is also called teacher-centered approach. Some information is best presented by use of teacher centered approach because the learner would be able to master the concept effectively depending on the concept delivered and the subject taught…
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Methods of Instruction
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"Methods of Instruction"

Download file to see previous pages Reasons why it is mostly used by instructors are as follows; the instructors don’t have enough time to plan, lecture method is flexible hence can be used in any content delivery and deemed simple. Demonstrations Method This is when the teacher or instructor is showing the students a process or a procedure e.g. scientific process, computing procedure or way of doing things like cooking. The students involved in this process hence they are less passive. Questioning Method This is where the instructor lectures but in the process questioning the students most of the time. Exercise 2 In this exercise, interactive method as an instruction method is used. This method facilitates interaction between the instructor and the learner .Gaining knowledge based on unity and teamwork. The communicative approach involves sharing of experiences, knowledge and personal values. The class is divided based on the stated above features. The course I am teaching is aesthetics. I would divide my class into discussion groups. In this case, the students’ interest is different. This will be depending on their number, the subject discussed and the students’ level of knowledge and abilities, and finally their interests among others. Each group is given a list of items to be discussed. Since it is an aesthetic class, the main topic is the influence of aesthetics studies to the teaching of other subjects namely mathematics, history, art, music, and influence on teaching literature. Each group of students is discussing, related to a specific subject of their interest. The only common cause, the students have is that they share certain common aesthetic course units from where clear relations identified. Each of these groups is by a chosen leader who is spearheading the discussion. With aesthetic education, subjects like art, theatre and music are more subjective in ms of their evaluations , they offer a separate view to the learning experience that rest of the courses do not. This type of education is not being taught with aim of teaching learners to become theoretical aesthetics. It is part of tolerant arts learning made to widen perspectives. In teaching music the discussion should touch on the fact that aesthetic educators are familiar with deep musical values hence is very supportive in this subject teaching. Teaching history is the education on culture. Many historical activities traced to cultural mores and beliefs. Aesthetics is part of this culture. Understanding the cultural context of the society, to trace its development (Jeanne 27). Exercise (3) Using of Wikipedia Group Project The group project in Wikipedia very effective academic discussion topics which the students can access. Blogs are just online journals used to share ideas by different people on a given subject topic. The ideas and reflections open to public or private. Students are able to form an online discussion group where they reflectively write and share information on classroom topics. The basic step is to select how the group is going to communicate .Decide on one particular time that all students are able to access the internet services. Then the article discussing about this will be my subject area of teaching importance of taking aesthetic studies. My introductory statement would read: Aesthetics is one of the courses taken in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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