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Work within a Legal and Ethical Framework - Assignment Example

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dhere to the childcare code of ethics (10 marks) ?You are getting the late children settled with Scott before a staff meeting and you overhear Belinda talking to him about Eleni, who has just been collected by her father. She is telling Scott that when she last had her hair done, Eleni’s mother had told her that all was not well between her and Eleni’s father, and that a possible separation was being discussed…
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Work within a Legal and Ethical Framework
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Download file to see previous pages She is telling Scott that when she last had her hair done, Eleni’s mother had told her that all was not well between her and Eleni’s father, and that a possible separation was being discussed. ??1.Is this ethical behaviour? Which Code of Ethics guidelines would assist you in ?this decision and how? 5 marks ?2.What will you do in the short-term? What would be your longer term team ?strategy? 5 marks What is going on now is not ethical behaviour. Usually, most basic Codes of Ethics focus on human dignity and the respect for human dignity. Belinda talking about what Eleni had told her about possibly splitting up from Scott (the father)—was not only unethical, but even moreso if it occurred in front of the children. Even if these comments by Belinda were not made in front of the children, such behaviour still shows a great lack of respect on the part of Belinda for discussing a personal matter between the parents in front of other parties. In the short-term, it would be advisable to let Belinda know that it is not acceptable behaviour to discuss such a topic without Eleni’s knowledge. Belinda should be alerted that this is unethical behavior. As a longer-term strategy, Belinda should be alerted also to the fact that the relationship between Eleni and Scott is delicate and that it is really none of her business to discuss the couple’s private business, especially if children are present. That is really none of Belinda’s business and someone should definitely let her know her place. She could severely damage the relationship between Scott and Eleni by spreading such malicious gossip. It is against several different codes of ethics to slander people in such a manner. In this way, Belinda should be warned that this is not ethical behaviour—at any rate—and that it should be stopped immediately or told that she will face charges of ethics violations. Task 2: Work within the roles and responsibilities of a childcare ?worker (10 marks) ??The room leader is going on holidays and Nikki has asked you to be responsible for the ?children’s program whilst she is away. The room leader will be absent for a month. ??1 How does this request fit within your job description as an untrained child carer? 5 marks ??2. Based upon this, what would be your response to Nikki? What issues would you need to discuss and agree upon? 5 marks As an untrained child carer, being the children’s program room leader would not be a job that I could responsibly complete. Based upon this, my response to Nikki would be that I could not take on the role or responsibility that she has as room leader at the daycare center. The issues that would need to be discussed and agreed upon is how I could feasibly be the room leader. One way to possibly substitute for Nikki would be if I were to be supervised by someone who had the appropriate educational degree and/or experience comparable to that of someone who is a room leader at the children’s daycare center. It is important that these issues be addressed because Nikki cannot simply go on vacation and leave the children hanging in the balance. She must make appropriate plans as to how the children will be cared for—and if she cannot make plans for who will supervise the children while they are being cared for, the facility should either be shut down for the month that she is gone—or she should effectively find someone else who can take over her position, either temporarily or permanently. This is her responsibility and she must make the appropriate arrangements or else close the school. The children are her first priority. In the event that she does not want to close the school, Nikki should make arrangements to hire a suitable replacement either on a temporary, contingency basis— ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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