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Framework for Ethics - Coursework Example

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With the growing global awareness and technological know-how, stakeholder of various organization are forced to oblige that their pioneers develop solid qualities incredible personal integrity or trustworthiness, exercise shrewdness and grasp the readiness to always make…
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Framework for Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages is end, Anandarajan (2002) observed that it is of an importance measure the organization’s structural and ethical behavior through some structured frameworks.
It is evident that various organizations employ these models to measure their structural and moral conduct as a way of saving the trust of stakeholders. This can be alluded to the successful ends that these models attain in establishing ethical culture in an organization, steer moral decision making as well as enhancing the overall execution of results (Anandarajan, 2002; Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2013). The scope of this paper is thus limited in the discussion of only two of these frameworks that organization can employ, namely; Balanced Scorecard and the Triple Bottom Line. The component of these framework models would be analyzed in relation to how they can be used to enhance ethics and business performance. Moreover, the paper presents how organization can make use of these models as approaches of driving ethical decision-making as well how organization incorporate the ethical models in the corporate relations.
Balanced scorecard model is defined as a multidimensional way of making executive estimations and administration control within a particular organizational structure (Henriques, 2004). In other words, Balanced Score Card (BSC) can be defined as an execution metric which is used mostly in strategic management to improve and advance various internal functions and so their resulting external outcomes (Boatright, 2009). A single most formidable quality of the model is the great emphasis it places on ensuring that performance measures are linked with the activity plans at all levels within a business unit. To further explicate on BSC, Brown (2000) posits two significant approaches to implementing it; centralized and decentralized. Centralized approach is mainly a tool for top management to impart centrally formulated strategies down the organizational administration. On the other hand, a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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