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Rana Plaza Factory Collapse - Case Study Example

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In the study “Rana Plaza Factory Collapse” the author focuses on the collapse of Rana Plaza, which unequivocally hallmarks the unethical attitude and criminal negligence on the part of the owners. In this single incident, more than 1000 human lives were lost…
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Rana Plaza Factory Collapse
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Extract of sample "Rana Plaza Factory Collapse"

Download file to see previous pages Bangladesh witnessed the deadliest Rana Plaza factory collapse in which more than 1000 factory workers were killed (BBC News Asia, 2013). On April 24, 2013, Rana Plaza factory, situated in Savar District of Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapsed for unknown reasons, killing more than 1,021 factory workers in which bodies of many dead workers were decomposed; the main reason behind the higher death toll was caused by the presence of many factories in the Rana Plaza at the time of collapse; similarly, the absence of respect for human lives can be gauged by the fact that the same building was evacuated a few days as some reports highlighted cracks in the building; later on, the factory workers were ordered by the factory owners to return to their work (BBC News Asia, 2013).
This single event has highlighted weaknesses, negligence, and incompetence on the part of factory owners and related government departments authorized to ensure the safety and security of workplace environments, especially in densely populated areas. At the same time, it can also be highlighted that the role of workers cannot be undermined as they are main stakeholders.
This situation has raised a number of ethical questions: Did the factory owners fulfill their legal and moral duty and role for protecting and safeguarding the lives of their workers? Did they provide enough safety and security measures? Did the related government departments or agencies ensure industrial compliance with the related code of conduct?
Kantianism is based on the system of wrongness or rightness of actions (Wood, 2008). Kantianism refers to respecting individuals with dignity and identifies them as ends (Gardiner, 2011). And, it has also been contended that the moral values should not be influenced by the contingency because when it affects actions, the outcome will also be influenced (Patrone, 2005). This ethical framework has numerous perspectives; each has its own rightness or wrongness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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