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Health and Safety Practices Plan (Part Six) Health and Safety Monitoring and Final Summary - Research Paper Example

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APPLE INC FINAL REPORT Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Final report Abstract This report holds that a health and safety plan is a critical tool to any organization especially in maintaining healthy and safe working environment. Basic to the plan, it has to describe what the employees in the company do to prevent injuries and illness in the workplace and safe workplace for the employees…
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Health and Safety Practices Plan (Part Six) Health and Safety Monitoring and Final Summary
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Download file to see previous pages It also delivers digital applications such as iPhones, Mac, Apple TV and a portfolio of clients and specialized software applications and does its marketing and selling through online retail stores, direct line stores and direct sales force globally. The involvement of human labor in all the stages necessitates that the company adopts a well-designed safety and health plan targeting improved working conditions for the employees (Karen, 200). Discussion The organization has adopted in the past professional external auditors as well as internal auditors to analyze the capacity of the company to provide safe and healthy environment to workers. Professionalism has been the basis on which the auditors are evaluated on before they are contracted in order to ensure that they deliver on the expected results in order to have the organization improve through the strategic recommendations that are given. Among other findings by the teams in the past has been the non compliance in wearing protective gears while working, insufficient installation of fire detection and management kits within the premises as well as poor structural designs which limit exit paths in such times of emergencies like fire outbreaks. The working environment of the apple Inc exposes the workers to various health hazards, which include increased exposure to harmful gases such as n-hexane commonly used to clean appliances’ screens, which have often led to sicknesses in the past. Other unfortunate features within the working conditions in Apple Inc are violence, stress as well as substance abuse. Nevertheless, it is to be acknowledged that the company has had the burden to improve on the health and safety standards of employees and have organized on safety trainings in the past to raise awareness and empower workers through social responsibility. Besides, team awareness campaigns have been in use in the past to address such issues as drug use, stress as well as violence at workplace. Although the mitigation strategies adopted in the past have not been fully effective, this paper adopts such forms to be the basis of many of our recommendations. This is because with only some improvements, the strategies would be very effective and efficient in mitigating the concerns. Besides, the design and adoption of favorable emergency response plans are quite commendable efforts because they have the capacity to revolutionize the working of the organization greatly. The safety and response plans that have been discussed above are very basic tools for any organization and thus should be embraced and harnessed (Anonymous, 1996). They are basic tools, which show the ethical compliance of any company as it explains responsiveness to regulations within an organization, prevention mechanisms on injuries and illnesses, emergency plans as well as social responsibility. Besides ethics dictate that companies take up the role of investigating non compliance with such predefined tools by workers and the subsequent adoption of appropriate measures in order to ensure that the standards of compliant employees is guaranteed. Ethics are fundamental in management of any business entity as well as such companies as the Apple Inc. Based on the previously discussed safety, illness and response plans, the company has the ethical responsibilities to ensure that regulations and procedures are adhered to. This is not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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