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The Autistic Student - Research Paper Example

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The Autistic Student The Autistic Student 1) Identify at least five common characteristics of an autistic student Autism is a disorder which is caused because of neuronal impairment. It leads to lack of social interaction and communication in the individuals who suffer from it…
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The Autistic Student Research Paper
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Extract of sample "The Autistic Student"

Download file to see previous pages Individuals who suffer from autism cannot survive without a caregiver in the society and face difficulties when entering a relationship. All these above mentioned factors clearly show that autism is a disorder which needs to be cured to have a better society. For this purpose several cures have been proposed which involve early intervention programs for the children. The question now arises if the cure for autism by intervention and diagnosis is successful or not. In my view governments should take an equal stand in the early intervention programs for the autistic children (Wray et al 2005; Dorothea 2009). An autistic student would possibly be exhibiting many signs of autism which should be noticed by the teacher or the parent to confirm the diagnosis of the disorder. An autistic student may suffer from many problems while studying in the class which can easily be identified. As autistic children have developmental problems they tend to suffer from social problems within the school. Social deficits in the child can be noticed easily as this student cannot make an eye contact with anyone. The student faces problems when socializing with other students and teachers. It can also be noticed that this student does not have friends within the school because of the fear that he may have for socializing with others. ...
It is seen that the autistic student cannot speak properly and blabbers at many instances with the teacher. The student cannot interact properly and would use improper gestures to exhibit his feelings. The student does not share his personal feelings nor has the courage to stand for something that he has not done. Even when the students are asked to participate in the class activities it is seen that the autistic student finds it very difficult to participate in them. The student is known to face many problems in the class because of which he has difficulties in studying with other students (Dorothea 2009; Wray et al 2005). The autistic student also faces difficulty when adjusting to specific routines in the school. For example when the timetable of the students is changed from one class to the other the autistic student takes long to get used to the new routine. In simple words these autistic children do not easily adapt to new routines and rituals. The student is also obsessed with certain objects that he sees in his environment. For example some of the autistic students are obsessed with the pencil that they have. At many instances it can be noticed that these autistic students are picking up their pencil and examining it. These characteristics help in confirming that the student is suffering from autism. Lastly the autistic student also displays repetitive behaviors which can be seen in different actions. In the classroom the student is seen to stack pencils and rubbers in an arranged manner. Moreover he often moves while sitting in the same fashion which can be noticed by the teacher. These five characteristics are commonly seen in autistic students which should be noticed by the teacher so that the student can be diagnosed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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