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Proposal on The Westwood High School - Essay Example

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The Westwood High School located in Winterhaven, Washington is found to suffer from some distinct problems which are hampering the image of the educational institution…
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Proposal Essay on The Westwood High School
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Extract of sample "Proposal on The Westwood High School"

Download file to see previous pages The institution was found to suffer from several happenings in a continual manner like losing in the state basketball tournament, death of a teacher due to accident, and suspension of students owing to issues like plagiarism. However of late it is found that the sudden emergence of some scintillating incidents inside the school premises has in total disturbed the educational atmosphere of the institution. The region of Winterhaven was considered as a peace loving locality whose people worked to restore the both the aesthetics and quality of life in the region. In the current scenario however it is observed that the region is increasingly becoming the haven of drug takers and other anti-social people. This rise in criminal activity in the region has also gained roots in the campus of Westwood School where large amount of weaponry was recovered in recent times. This rise in the level of criminal activity in the school campus gained impetus because of the prevalence of an open campus for which miscreants from outside gained the chance of penetrating inside during the recess hours. An incident of firing in which a student of the school got injured by the act of an outsider and also the rise in the taking of drugs inside the campus disturbed the school’s atmosphere to a very high extent. ...
The rise in the number of anti-socials is found to gain a huge spur in the Chicago region like that happening in the region of Winterhaven in Washington who targets intruding the educational premises in an enhanced manner (Associated Press). Alternative Suggestions for the Identified Problem The problem been specifically identified in the above case large number of potential suggestions can be rendered to the high school administration committee to help take care of the young students. Several alternative solutions like putting barbed wire for proper fencing of the school premises can be done to reduce the level of intrusions of the miscreants. Again the frequency of conducting security checks can be increased inside the school premises wherein the bags and lockers of the students can be checked by members of the school community. This activity is considered would deter the students from carrying harmful weapons and drugs provided by the outsiders. However in addition to these kind of physical activities the school authorities and the governing body can also take the help of technical elements like putting of hidden cameras and videos across the school campus to gain live footages of student activities in a spontaneous manner. Metal detectors can also be rendered in the hands of the security guards who can do checking of the school bags of the students at the time of entry. Vehicles parked in the parking lots of the school preemies must be frequently checked to avoid the rise of such criminal activities. Moreover the school authorities are also required to encourage the support from civilian armies like police and other investigating teams who would help in tracking down ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Proposal Essay on The Westwood High School Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Proposal Essay on The Westwood High School Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Proposal Essay on The Westwood High School Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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