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Determining the Effectiveness of Graphic Organizers - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Subject Date Determining the Effectiveness of Graphic Organizers Introduction Graphic organizers have become a significant part of the academic institutions. Routinely, a variety of graphic organizers are being used to educate students facing the problems of Learning Disabilities (LDs)…
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Determining the Effectiveness of Graphic Organizers
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Extract of sample "Determining the Effectiveness of Graphic Organizers"

Download file to see previous pages Study Justification The graphic organizers do not remain within the bounds of books. Nowadays, almost in every academic institution; they are frequently used. Additionally, expository terms and texts are mostly written in a vogue manner; additionally, many academic authors use sophisticated language that hinders many students to properly understand the exact meaning of the text. In this regard, it becomes highly necessary to understand and determine the effectiveness of graphic organizers. Research Questions 1. What is an academic performance difference that is provided by the graphic organizers? 2. What makes graphic organizers to be more effective? Hypothesis Graphic organizers have been effective in diminishing the impacts of learning disabilities and at the same time upgrade the academic performance of the students. Null Hypothesis Learning disabilities do not remain the same regardless whether semantic mapping or cognitive mapping is utilized. Variables There exist two types of variables-independent and dependent variable. The independent variable is one that does not depend on the function of any other variable, and the opposite is true about the dependent variable. In this research proposal, they are: Independent variable = cognitive mapping or semantic mapping Dependent variable= Learning disabilities Assumptions 1. ...
Cognitive Mapping Cognitive mapping facilitates developing significant ideas and relationships by employing arrows, spatial arrangements and lines with an aim of evaluating and understanding a particular text, context structure or a relationship between different concepts (Darch & Eaves, 1986). Semantic Feature Analysis Semantic Feature Analysis (SFA) is constructed in a way to enabling students to identify and comprehend relevant but pertinent pieces of information from lecture or text. The shape of matrix is used to present conceptual characteristics; and a matrix relationship uses vocabulary for its development, which represents the coordinate concepts installed at the top of the matrix and the vocabulary provides the subordinate concepts along the side (Bos & Anders, 1990). Semantic Mapping Semantic mapping enables students to highlight significant pieces of information from a lecture of text. In addition, students can pinpoint the isolated parts of information from the lecture of text after identifying the main ideas supporting the main theme of the concept. In this way, semantic mapping is highly relevant to make better reading sense (Little &Box, 2011, p.27). Syntactic/Semantic Feature Analysis Syntactic/ Semantic Feature Analysis (SSFA) do not much differ from the concept of SFA. However, some difference such as adding the cloze-type sentences, for which matrix provides its base, are included to in the SSFA concept. In this concept, cloze sentences comprise of empty spaces. And, the empty spaces are to be filled up by the students by comprehending the context of the sentence and the SFA matrix. Visual Display Using computational manner, the visual displays are constructed in a way to represent concepts, relationships or facts spatially. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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