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Chloride Concentration in South Florida Canal - Essay Example

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The following paper deals with the problem of chloride concentration in South Florida canal. According to the text, the canal has a significant role to play in the ecosystem. The quality of water affected by such factors as its salinity. …
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Chloride Concentration in South Florida Canal
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Download file to see previous pages The Florida canals are located in South Florida is occupies a relatively low-lying highly carbonate area in terms of the topographical dimension. The area receives a relative relief rainfall pattern and the rainfall distribution is 10mm over 100 Km range. South Florida lies mainly on bedrock whose composition was mainly carbonated material, which was formed over one twenty years ago. The South Florida canals are mainly wetlands forming a critical component of the ecosystem. The increasing levels of chlorine and other chemicals in the canal is a major concern for the government and researchers in general (Gleason 165).
Agricultural, household and industrial activities contribute a lot to the increasing levels of chemicals in the canal over the last one hundred years. The quality of water bodies in the Florida canal is deteriorating because of several factors such anthropologic activities, wetlands eutrophication and methylmercury pollution in the canal. Eutrophication is mainly caused by high levels of phosphoric materials from the industries. Marine life in the canal is deteriorating as a result of methylmercury pollution from industrial activities (F. McPherson 59). Moreover, the rate at which the wetlands dry is increasing as due to anthropogenic activities in the Florida canals. This affects the effectiveness at which water flows into the canal that is a big blow to the ecosystem balance.
This research, however, focuses on determining the levels or concentration of chloride in the Florida canals.
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