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Acquiring degree online:the pros and cons - Essay Example

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The argument continues on about the Pros and Cons of obtaining an online degree. In doing the research it was obvious that one of the most positive reasons for choosing to earn a degree online was flexibility. Being able to go to class on your schedule while raising a family or continuing to work can be priceless…
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Acquiring degree online:the pros and cons
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Extract of sample "Acquiring degree online:the pros and cons"

Download file to see previous pages The argument continues on about the Pros and Cons of obtaining an online degree. In doing the research it was obvious that one of the most positive reasons for choosing to earn a degree online was flexibility. Being able to go to class on your schedule while raising a family or continuing to work can be priceless. All too often, people put off their educational goals because they simply do not believe that they have enough time to devote to it, or would have to take valuable time away from the family in order to do so. While you still will have to devote a certain amount of time to your studies, and possibly attend an online seminar for your classes, the flexibility offered by most online colleges can give you the tools and time needed to achieve your dream of a degree. There are also many potential students who do not live in an area where a college or university is easily accessible. Driving fifty miles or more just to attend classes is not cost effective, and can be very time consuming for someone who already leads a busy life. Online courses typically can allow you to achieve your degree at a faster pace than a regular campus college. The option of going to school year round with smaller breaks between quarters, rather than having two to three months off in the summer, can help to move your education along more quickly and possibly allow you to graduate a few months to even a year earlier than expected. Having these smaller breaks may also help in retaining the information learned versus the three month summer break making transitions from class to class much smoother. Studies show that student’s involved in online learning have also typically outperformed students attending a campus college. Another benefit of choosing online classes is people from all walks of life, all over the world are able to take the classes with you. You have to deal with cultural and social differences every day in your normal life, and this will continue to develop during your time in school, plus It will help give you an edge when you are working in your degree field. No matter what type of degree you are pursuing, or what field you choose, the art of communication with different populations of people will be very constructive. Now do not forget that there are also some disadvantages with this form of higher learning. Online colleges and university’s need to be researched to determine if they are accredited. There is little value in the employment world for a degree from an unaccredited institution. Also, if the college you choose to enroll in is not accredited, and you choose to further your education at a later date, at a different institution, there is a very good chance that you will not be able to transfer your credits. Basically, you will have to start over, so always make sure you do your homework. You should also ask yourself if you are sure you will have the space and time to study. Time set aside in a quiet place removed from the commotion of your normal life is imperative. Make sure that personal responsibilities and every day tasks are completed so when you do sit down to study, your mind will be exactly where it needs to be. Having the support of your spouse and family can be extremely helpful, as they can help by doing chores or taking care of the kids. However, you should be aware that your interactions with your fellow students and your professors will be mostly through emails, chats and group discussions. Do not spend more time with people online than is necessary. The lack of interpersonal communication with your family will cause more harm to your degree efforts than it will help. Choosing an online degree will also test your computer skills and your knowledge of software applications needed for your classes. If you do not consider yourself to be computer savvy, you may want to consider taking a basic computer class before getting started. It is always better to know your limitations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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