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Methods of enquiry : challenges /barriers facing young homeless people in manchester - Essay Example

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Methods of Enquiry: Challenges /Barriers Facing Young Homeless People in Manchester Table of Contents Introduction 3 Literature Review 3 Background/Literature Review 3 Rational 6 Aims and Objectives/Questions 7 Proposed Outcomes 8 Methodology 8 Data Collection and Analysis 8 Collection of Data 11 Analysis 13 Validity and Reliability 13 Sampling 14 Sampling Technique 14 Ethical Issues 14 References 16 Introduction Homelessness is today, characterised as a major issue faced by the global society, especially the young generation people which is hampering their as appropriate physical and psychological development at large…
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Methods of enquiry : challenges /barriers facing young homeless people in manchester
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Download file to see previous pages Poverty can be identified as another factor accountable for homelessness. Additionally, health issues in relation to mental as well as physical health and misuse of substances are of accounted as another major cause leading to homelessness. These factors impose various challenges which include lack of employment opportunities (Smith, 1999). Literature Review Background/Literature Review According to the report published by Young People’s Support Foundation (2010), it has been recognised that homelessness amid young people is caused due to various factors which include unhealthy family relationship, low income level of the family or poverty and complex requirements in relation to mental health issues as well as substance misuse. The research report of Young People’s Support Foundation (2010) also reveals that the aforementioned factors have majorly affected young homeless people with concern to education as well as employment challenges. It has also been reported through the study that young homeless people are more prone towards getting involved in unsocial behaviour which if continued shall result in increasing crime rate and social unrest within a given region where the proportion of homelessness is high (Young People’s Support Foundation, 2010). The homeless young people are recognised to be under ‘Not in Education, Employment or Training’ (NEET) (Centrepoint, 2010). According to the report published by Centrepoint (2010), young homeless people majorly failed to acquire appropriate education, employment as well as training services which in turn have been hampering their growth and future career life significantly. Homeless young people face both mental as well as physical health related problems. Baskin (2007) also depicted that homeless youths are more inclined towards substance misuse as well as unsocial group engagements. Being detached from their family and also due to lack of supervisory support, homeless young people are more prone to acquire destructive or aggressive behaviour characteristics. As a matter of fact, with the increasing number of homeless young people, the socio-economic challenges of increasing unemployment, poverty as well as crime is likely to augment substantially. Thus, at a broader perspective, this particular issue indeed signifies a crucial socio-economic jeopardy (Biswas-Diener & Diener, 2010). Quilgars & et. al., (2008) stated that homeless young people face many issues in their life which restrain them from obtaining healthy growth and better career prospects. Young people under homeless situation may have to leave their education as well as job. Additionally, the homeless young people are seemed to face the problem of social isolation too which creates a mental pressure on them causing both psychological and physical ill-health. Thus, the rising numbers of homeless young people has raised issues in relation to safety as well as security for safeguarding youths from crime and violent offences. According to Quilgars & et. al., (2008), homelessness is also perceived to adversely influence the health as well as well-being of young people which may account for aggressive and opposing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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