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Teacher Attrition - Dissertation Example

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The research results show that there is certain reality in the claim that the number of those teachers leaving the educational field far exceeds those entering it which clearly strengthens the critical nature of teacher attrition…
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Teacher Attrition
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Extract of sample "Teacher Attrition"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that this remains a widely acclaimed reality that maintaining a high level of teacher quality forms the critically important factor which ensures student achievement. With myriad types of demons endangering the teacher quality presently, students are consequently facing more and more problems to ensure individual academic accomplishments. The tendency of leaving schools and teaching profession by the learned and wiser teachers results in an inability to preserve an experienced teaching community and this produces many deteriorating influences on the students. What seems to come forward as a really deplorable reality is that many educational officials think that simply replacing those teachers lost to attrition by hiring new teachers could be an effective remedy. Presently, many authentic reports have denied such a fake proposition of undermining the critical nature of teacher attrition by easily hiring new teachers. Mississippi education administrators have taken a wise decision to take the challenge of reducing the teacher attrition rates to a structural level. Still, a great deal needs to be addressed regarding the issue of teacher attrition and this research aspires to make a contribution to this ongoing effort with results based on certain questions. The fact that teachers constantly rotate with the experienced teachers leaving and new teachers entering the teaching process to leave it within a couple of years leaves the students with no proper education which seriously interferes with their academic dreams. This is exactly why teacher attrition is such a hotly debated issue and deemed to be such an emergency based situation in America for the past many years. This remains a research-based reality that high level of performance on the part of students is directly related with lower attrition rates. Teacher training plans based on longer time periods also greatly helps in provoking the teachers to continue teaching in schools and colleges well after the teaching training process ends. Research survey has also shown that stress plays a phenomenal role in promoting the teachers to quit teaching soon. Lack of confidence comes in handy with high level of stress and together they convince a teacher to ignore the students’ learning needs and consider them less important. This issue can be resolved significantly with the help of long teacher training processes which each teacher should be required to engage in prior to becoming a professional scholar. People come in the teaching profession with a sense of purpose very clear in their minds but due to lack of recognition, support, and salary issues, they get bound to leave much earlier than necessary thus increasing turnover rate among teachers. “Every year in the United States, schools conservatively spend $2.2 billion on the recruiting, hiring, and training of teachers to replace those who have left teaching” (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2005). Continuous support is also found to have played a phenomenal role in reinforcing teachers’ self-esteems and their decisions to stay and continue teaching for the benefit of their students. This shows that teacher factors related to attrition come first and should not be ignored at any cost. Even a teacher being paid a top-notch salary can never be expected to continue teaching and unaffected all the time despite being discouraged and not motivated in a proper manner. In response to the first question, the factor of salary is found to be positively related with the teachers’ decision to remain in the profession and which also seems to be consistent with the past research done on the relation between salary and teachers’ decision to continue or quit teaching. “High teacher salaries result in increased commitment and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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