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Retention of Novice Teachers who Migrate to Arizona to Begin their Teaching Careers - Dissertation Example

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Dissertation Prospectus Retention of novice teachers who migrate to Arizona to begin their teaching careers Submitted by: ID Number: 156540 DEE Cohort Current draft 2-9-12 Chapter One Introduction to the Problem Retention of novice teachers has been a concern of school administrators and policy makers for decades (Ingersoll & Strong, 2011)…
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Retention of Novice Teachers who Migrate to Arizona to Begin their Teaching Careers
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"Retention of Novice Teachers who Migrate to Arizona to Begin their Teaching Careers"

Download file to see previous pages Induction programs, which typically have several goals, are the most common support structure for new teachers (Killeavy, 2006). Among those goals are to instruct new teachers in the methods, culture, and background of the school or district; to increase student achievement, and; to help new teachers experience success in their first year (Breaux & Wong, 2003). Success of a first year teacher is commonly measured by both student academic success as well as the novice teacher’s desire to continue in the teaching profession (Strong, 2005). Unfortunately, attrition rates for teachers new to the profession continue to be high with as many as half of all new teachers leaving the profession within their first three years of teaching (Ingersoll & Smith, 2011; Greiner & Smith, 2006; Darling-Hammond, 2004). According to Rosenow (2005) as many as 10% of novice teachers in high-poverty schools fail to finish their first full year of teaching. While these numbers are alarming, alone they do not provide adequate insight into the factors that influence a novice teacher’s intent to stay or leave the profession. Factors influencing a teacher’s decision to leave the profession range from job stress to low pay to inadequate support (Reiman & Corbell, 2007). However, induction programs with strong support elements have shown promise in increasing retention rates of novice teachers (Corbell, Osborne, & Reiman, 2010; Hammer, 2005). American public schools are at a critical crossroads. In the next decade, it is estimated that an additional 200,000 teachers will be needed as a result of teacher retirements, increasing birthrates, and immigration, and the popularity of class-size reduction initiatives (Zumwalt & Craig, 2009; Graue & Rauscher, 2009). Compounding the problem is the fact that some states, like Arizona, fail to produce enough college graduates to fill the demand for new teachers (Berry, Fuller, & Williams, 2007). This has resulted in some school districts, particularly rural ones, recruiting and hiring teachers from other states resulting in novice teachers who migrate across state lines to begin their careers (Allen, 2005). Little is currently known about the factors that influence the intent to stay for the sub-population of novice teachers who migrate across state lines to begin their teaching careers. However, current research on new teacher retention suggest that induction programs with strong mentor, colleague, and administration support help to increase retention of novice teachers (Corbell, 2008). Statement of Problem Despite the efforts by administrators and policy makers to increase the retention of novice teachers, research consistently shows that between 30-50% of teachers leave the profession within their first three years (Ingersoll & Smith, 2011; Greiner & Smith, 2006; Darling-Hammond, 2004) Furthermore, Merkel (2004) describes the problem of new teacher attrition in Arizona as “chronic”. Many Arizona districts, particularly rural ones, experience the “revolving door” described by Ingersoll (2003) in which new teachers are hired, trained, and supported but not retained beyond their first few years. Therefore, the purpose of this quantitative study will be to examine the factors that influence retention rates of novice teachers who migrate to Arizona from out of state to begin their careers. Significance of Study It is not known if novice teachers w ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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