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Moreover, the categories are also easy to understand so that the customer can always find what he wants to buy easily.
The mission statement…
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Website Analysis
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Practice Website Analysis Organization/Consistency The information provided by MEC – Mountain Equipment Co-Op is engaging and invites s enough information to indulge in a sale. Moreover, the categories are also easy to understand so that the customer can always find what he wants to buy easily.
The mission statement of MEC was hard to find, but it is located on the website under the timeline of their brand. From what was understood, their mission statement is to encourage people to find entertainment and fun in wilderness and nature.
Co-ops are business structures which are based on democracy and any of the members involved can gain a benefit by pooling their resources. For this reason, MEC involves its operations on a socially and environmentally sustainable manner, promote corporate social responsibility and support community groups with member value alignment.
MEC brand involves in a lot of community events which are diverse. They promote gear swapping, brand ambassadors and involve in community contributions. Moreover, they also hold festivals for biking, snowboarding and paddling to invoke community involvement.
The design of the website is consistent with a simple white and black theme and green elements. At some places on their website however, the black overpowers the white, which could be improved to a better consistency. With their current theme, there is an expectation of similar colors in other communication channels.
Product Pages
The product pages are impressive as every product covers little details from sizes and materials to more in-depth analysis such as waterproofness and antimicrobial treatment. The only detail which is missing from the information is the payment methods, shipping information and additional costs, which are covered on a separate page.
The navigation on the MEC website is smooth, but it could do with a better job. For example, the category of jackets is further divided into categories like waterproof breathable, soft shells, insulated synthetic etc. These terms are not understood by everyone, and it would be more feasible if a one-line description was added to these technical categories so that the buyer understands what he is looking for.
MEC respects the customer’s security information which is why they have a special privacy policy, anti-spam policy and a special MEC privacy code document which highlights their commitment to customer security. They make use of SSL protocol to ensure maximum security online.
Ease of Purchase
The purchasing method is smooth and flawless. All you have to do is add an item to the cart and then checkout and pay. You can also become a member of MEC for mere $5 and use your membership number to avoid signing up for the website altogether.
The MEC website has mentioned their email address, phone number as well as address to the store for offline shopping. Moreover, they have an FAQ page devoted to customers’ queries. The only thing lacking is an extensive user review database. Although users who have shopped from the website have given ratings to their desired products, they have not left any comments or reviews which could be helpful for other shoppers.
The website is a lot detailed, but they need to work on their SEO optimization, because there are a lot of other companies which are involved in the same line of products, therefore, searching for mountain equipment does not bring their website in the Google search result automatically.
Although the MEC website is great for browser compatibility, they could benefit a lot from developing a mobile-friendly version, a smartphone app, or a tablet-friendly version. Read More
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Website Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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