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The online auction business is one of the cores of e-commerce ventures. The development of the systems allows for buyers to have access to almost an unlimited number of goods and sellers to an unlimited market. Most online auctions are usually based on the English system where price is increased by interested buyers unlike the Dutch system ("Online auction business model", 2007)…
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Ebay website analysis
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Download file to see previous pages It is not just a pioneer of the market but it can also be considered as a model of e-business. Together with he payment system Paypal, it has revolutionized commerce and has paved the way for other business, particularly retail and trading. However, together with the success that Ebay has been able to achieve is the realization that it needs to stay competitive and anticipate developments. In the last few years, there has been an abundance of other similar services on the internet, some even being sponsored by industry leaders such as MSN and Yahoo!. To be able to accomplish this, Ebay must be able to offer not only quality services but develop new ones based on the needs of its patrons.
The purpose of this paper is to study Ebay and the current features and functionality of its auction website to learn its competencies and deficiencies. In doing so, the paper will be able to present ways to improve services or features that can enhance the experience of website users. The features recommended will be assessed considering their requirements for operation and the possible partners that the company can have to provide the services.
Businesses on the web it is important that there is a thorough understanding of how buyers are motivated to buy. eBay's competitors such as those Figure 1 all have their specializations. Overstock, based in Cottonwood Heights, Utah that sells surpluses; uBid is a identical service with eBay selling directly by companies and those sold by pre-approved Certified Merchants; Oztion is an Australian version of eBay; and eBid is a online auction that has its own payment service called PPPay which is similar to eBay's PayPal. Consumers will consider status, security, comfort and quality to be the essential requirements of selecting a product or service and their perception of this is influenced by factors such as culture, politics, technology and economy. Buying decisions are motivated on maximizing profitability, reducing costs and enhancing productivity (Johansson, 2001).
Business should offer products and services concentrate on marketing programs and materials that offer target markets what they need to be able to achieve their individual objectives. It is important to understand what motivates, perceptions and emotions of your buyers and in the case of eBay this entails providing them services and products they most want and need. eBay can accomplish this by developing materials that build awareness, convenience, and service.
Goals of Ebay
Ebay, Inc., owner of the eBay online auction website Marketplace and services states that their goal is "to pioneer new communities around the world built on commerce, sustained by trust, and inspired by opportunity". The company's eBay Marketplace serves to fulfill this objective by providing the a marketplace for the all internet users.
Furthermore, they say that the eBay Marketplace "exists as an online trading platform that enables a global community of buyers and sellers to interact and trade" where the company has the objective to "create, maintain, and expand the functionality, safety, ease-of-use, and reliability of our trading platform while, at the same time, supporting the growth and success of our community of users".
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