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Name Instructor: Course: Date: Sephora: Internet and interactive media-consumer website analysis Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 1.Introduction 2 2.Unique market positioning 3 2.1 Products 4 2.2Communication and differentiation 4 3.Use of digital marketing 5 3.1 Mobile applications 5 3.2 Social media platforms 7 4.Website analysis 10 4.1 Targeting market 11 4.2 Branding image 11 4.3 Competitors 12 4.4 Promotional Activities 12 4.4.1 Beauty talk 12 4.4.2 TV 13 4.4.3 Pinterest Beauty Boards 13 4.4.4 Emails 13 4.5 SWOT analysis 14 4.5.1 Strengths 14 4.5.2 Weakness 14 4.5.3 Opportunities 15 4.5.3 Threats 16 4.6 Creativity and design 16 4.6.1 Fly-out menu 16 4.6.2 Content 17 4.6.3 The shoppi…
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Internet & interactive media-consumer website analysis and evaluation project about Sephora
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Download file to see previous pages Sales associates and make-up artists undergo intensive training so that they can be well prepared to answer customers’ questions and give them advice ranging from skin types, and application techniques. The company not only serves women who are frequent users of the beauty products, but also men. This paper examines the Sephora’s digital marketing strategy and its website which is located at 2. Unique market positioning The company was launched in the 1960s and unlike other business entities which use the commission-based model, Sephora relies on the self-service model. Under this model, customers go around the store, and are able to feel, touch and try the available offerings. Its founder, Dominique Mondonnaud transformed the existing model by grouping products by qualities such as perfume notes and scents rather than by brand. By 1984, Dominique had opened more than 8 perfume shops, but in 1993 he sold all the stores to Louis Vuitton. Following the acquisition of Sephora, LVMH expanded its operations in many European countries as well as in the North America. Under the LVMH group, Sephora continues to expand the existing product lines and its current offerings include accessories, skin care, hair care, and make-up products. The company is renowned for its revolutionary products such as the anti-wrinkle cream StriVectin-SD. On its website, Sephora is highly recognized for providing the customers with an interactive shopping environment, and an unparalleled assortment of prestige products. Its products are most popular with those aged between 15 and 70 years old, and currently, the company operates in 24 countries. In North America, the company has established around 280 stores and mini-stores and has 11,000 products and 250 brands. Such a wide offerings ensures consumers needs and wants are adequately satisfied. 2.1 Products The company offers more than 200 brands and over 13,000 products and is considered a one-stop shop for all personal care needs. The company boasts of highly esteemed brands and trendy products and each of the brand features unique colors and packaging. In each of the stores, customers can receive innovative services from the Sephora professionals and it is this element that sets the company apart from its direct competitors. Maintaining high perceived quality products enables the company to charge premium prices. The prices of the available products and services are differentiated and this variation helps the company to serve a wider segment. Some of the products are highly priced while others are lowly priced to fit into the middle to upper range. The prices of course are higher than at other stores, and this price level is justified by the high quality services offered. 2.2 Communication and differentiation The company differentiates itself on three principles: freedom, experience and guarantee. In this regard, customers are guaranteed of quality services and they can s return product they are not satisfied ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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