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Online Shopping - Term Paper Example

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Innovativeness in technology has been a vital factor that has influenced development of e-Commerce in the whole world. Electronic commerce is an industry that allows sellers and buyers to connect via the internet to trade products and services. …
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Online Shopping
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Extract of sample "Online Shopping"

Download file to see previous pages With the increased exchange of products via the internet, the economy has been able to gain tremendously. Secondly, online shopping requires the services of middle-businessmen who will transport the products to the buyers. The middlemen serve an important purpose of ensuring the products and services are availed at the most appropriate time. This creates job opportunities to the many people that are unemployed (Miller 121). With such a development, the new economy develops since there are some people that have a disposable amount of income which is spent in the economy. Therefore, it is evident that online shopping has developed the proceeds of the economy by creating job opportunities and enhancing the economy through constant exchange of products from the sellers to the buyers. Similarly, it has enabled constant flow of money in the economy since the quality of products is improved. The buyers and sellers are the first hand benefiters from online shopping. Online shopping connects buyers to sellers in a more elaborate and easy manner. First, buyers get to know the location of sellers and how they can be contacted. This eases the process of acquiring products and services. As such, the buyers will have an easy time in locating the sellers. Secondly, the buyers will not waste time looking for an appropriate supplier of the products that need (Rich 167). This is convenient to people that have a busy schedule. As such, they will spend limited time in contacting an appropriate seller of the products they need. Thirdly, buyers do not have to physically access the sellers’ shop for the products. They can make communications via the internet and provide all the information that is needed. This eases the...
Online shopping has had an effect on traditional shopping in a number of aspects. First, online shopping has reduced the number of people that rely on traditional shopping. For instance, this has reduced the number of people that physically access shopping centers and the market to buy products and services. Secondly, online shopping has increased the number of people that use electronic cash transfers in buying products. This has affected traditional shopping since very few people carry hard cash. This has had negative effects on traditional shopping since impulse buying has been reduced. As such, people that do not use online selling tactics are disadvantaged. Thirdly, online shopping has changed the world in that people expect to be supplied with the products they have bought. Many people expect the products to be delivered at their homesteads and door steps after making a purchase. This affects traditional shopping negatively since it does not have such services.Though online shopping has its favored advantages, it has a number of drawbacks. First, there are some products that are not sold online. This makes it hard for a seller to attract some customers online. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Online Shopping Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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... products transportation that at the end has the possibility of producing constructive results on sustainability, use of land as well as mode of travel choices. The fact that online shopping is more popular in big towns and cities means that it will thus act as an incentive for the required changes in these cities that face the most obstacles for logistics (Cairns, 2005). There is a lot of controversy regarding the effects of online shopping on road use and the overall changes in consumers travel habits and the impacts of the changes. Some studies indicate good or desirable effects on road use while others indicate negative results with a final group indicating net neutral results. However, a good number of this research indicate...
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... of Online Shopping Saves Time and Hassle Time factor is the most important factor to consider when focusing on advantages of online shopping. It saves more time when doing online shopping than in the physical shopping. One can easily buy multiple of products in just a minute rather than spending more time moving to different shelves to look for products physically. An individuals needs to have an electronic gadget which can connect him or her to internet and access products over the net. One can use a computer or IPad or Smartphone to carry out the shopping. In doing the online shipping an individuals can click using the mouse, multiple products and make the payment at once. The time spend in carrying out shopping physically is more...
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As may be inferred from Phipps and Merisotis’ (1999) argument, online education is an opportunities’ equaliser to the extent that it offers prospective learners from the four corners of the globe the chance to study in and graduate from reputable universities of their choice, eliminating time and space constraints and challenges because it takes the educational environment to the learner and allows the former to design his/her educational programme around his/her time. 

Online education has the potential to be an education opportunities’ equaliser but, in practical terms, it has not realised that potential yet. This statement is borne out by Gilbert’s (2001) contention that available statis...
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Modifications in internet technology such as falling cost and increasing accessibility in broadband are drastically altering the recruitment process and allowing recruiters to reach a large number of quality applicants in diverse locations in a very cost-effective manner. The boundaries that used to exist between print media owners, job boards, recruitment advertising agencies, recruitment consultancies and technology companies is almost breaking down. E-recruitment should not be considered in isolation from other methods of recruitment, it is a complimentary service, rather than replacing the more traditional forms of advertising.

Online methodologies are used as the front end of the recruitment process in terms of adv...
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...How to start an online escorting service  The first thing that is needed to be considered while designing an online escort service is the marketing and the reach the service can render. Though the potential market can be considered to be huge but giving the right kind of information to the right kind of person at the right place is very essential. Making the business online gives a huge advantage, but also apart from that, advertisements in the Adult-service section or personal section of newspapers, may be yellow pages or in some instances referrals from regular clients would also provide the customer data bases. (Roberts, 23). Also the use of business cards can help in some regards. But when typically a business is set to market online...
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Online Marketing Development: Example of spreading speedily. Since, now people are more interested in the web based commerce or shopping. And, web based business of is supporting towards the online shopping of books and other consumer electronics. Thus, the market size of is growing with the growing numbers of internet users (Web Transitions, Inc., 2004). 3.1.3- Market Trends The web based business market is going towards the more evolutionary trends and the adoption of web based business models like that B2B or B2C is happening readily. Thus, in such an evolutionary business state the is taking full advantage of web based ecommerce trends and facilities. In addition, it desires to enhance...
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The threat of cyberterrorism has significantly increased over the last decade across the globe. Providing effective computer training for the police is highly necessary so as to address such threats in time. Organizations today can play a key role in assisting the government’s efforts to fight terrorism. According to a recent newspaper survey, 30 percent of the participants opined that they would be interested in making online donations to charity.

“The world can no longer accommodate terrorism because any political cause that proposes the slaughter of innocent people is immoral and unjust by itself. Your concern in this regard is of great importance as it can help the state to secure its people’s live...
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...Differences between Online and Traditional Marketing Research Paper: Differences between Online and Traditional Marketing Introduction Advertisement is a means of promoting products and services, where companies communicate with the users of such products, with the aim of attracting and retaining a large customer base. Individuals in dissimilar business ventures have employed diverse modes of advertising their products, in an effort to promote their products and services, with an attempt to improve their customer base. In the past, individuals had employed the traditional modes of advertisement, where they utilized the media such as newspapers, radios and television, and other means such as billboards, coupons and flyers. However...
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... How One Performs their Gender and/or Sexuality Online Social media services, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and Myspace strengthen the relationships of internet users. Parks and Robertson (233) assert that media is a useful tool in the modern world today. This is because it is used to report the current events and interpret the ideas in their simplest form. Wolska (1) observes that media consists of television, books, radios, press and the internet. The campaign against gender violence uses media tools, such as radios, televisions, mobile phones, and press conferences. The media explains certain cultures as it entertains people. Wolska (2) indicates that social media raises awareness and challenge structures of gender power. He...
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