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The products need to be right, to begin with. They should also be sold at the right place, and the right promotion needs to be used. Creating the right market mix requires that the firm meets some…
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Online shopping players
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Online Shopping Players Firms need to consider a few things whenever they are marketing their products. The products need to be right, to begin with. They should also be sold at the right place, and the right promotion needs to be used. Creating the right market mix requires that the firm meets some given conditions. The products need to have the right features in that it not only looks good but also works well. The product has to have the right price and consumers have to buy in large numbers for any profits to be realized. Most importantly, the products must be in the right place at the right time (Kotler 2). This is to ensure that the goods arrive when and where the customers need them. There are three online stores focusing on the above factors for marketing their merchandise; they are the focus of this paper.
Lane Crawford deals with fashion items. The website is very easy to navigate through. The very first tabs are ‘Women’, ‘Men’, ‘Lifestyle & Gifts’, and ‘Discover’ in that order. Anyone looking for designer clothes and fashion accessories for women just needs to click the first tab and several options are shown. The individual can click on the various designer brands or select the shoes, clothing, bags, and other accessories they need. The business offers free international delivery.
In Net A Porter, the second online marketplace for high-end fashion products, the statement “The world’s premier online luxury fashion destination” meets the customer. Like in Lane Crawford, navigating through this website is quite easy too. The main difference, however, is that the options are more in Net A Porter. The very first tabs contain the items ‘Sale’, ‘What’s New’, ‘Designers’, ‘Clothing’, ‘Bags’, ‘Shoes’, ‘Accessories’, ‘Lingerie’, ‘Sport’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Gifts’, ‘Magazines’ in that order. Such neat layout of items is what makes it easy for customers to reach for whatever they are looking for. After clicking on say bags, a few items will present the customer but they can also go ahead and select the type of the bags they need or even the designer of the bag from a list of options on the left hand side of the items.
Luisaviaroma is another luxury shop. The layout is quite similar to those of the above shops only that there is a slideshow of photos showing individuals wearing custom made attires. Nonetheless, the very first tabs are ‘Men’, ‘Women’, ‘Kids’, ‘Home’, ‘Designers’, and ‘Sale’ in that order. While this presents an easy way to navigate through the website, the depth of the fashion items shown seems quite shallow at a glance. However, on moving the cursor on ‘Designer’, for instance, a plethora of options is shown. In general, it is right to say that an individual will find virtually any fashion product they need from all the three websites.
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Kotler, Philip. "From sales obsession to marketing effectiveness." (1977): 1-9. Read More
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Online Shopping Players Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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