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Chance of Success for E-Commerce - Essay Example

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The purpose of this report “Chance of Success for E-Commerce” is to build a proposed website project that focuses on creating an online based business. The website will be solely responsible for individuals who are fanatics of taking pictures and sharing them with the world…
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Chance of Success for E-Commerce
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Download file to see previous pages Around the world, photography has become a growing interest among individuals. With the addition of phones with cameras in them, the number of pictures that an average person takes per day can be anywhere between 20 to 50 pictures. These amateur photographers also like to share their photos with others but do not have much of a platform for this. The aim of “” is to give these individuals a chance to show their photographs and get recognized among others for their brilliance. The target audience varies from is upcoming young artists to other keen amateur photographers who just have the desire to show their talent to the world. In short, people all around the world will be able to use this platform with registered usernames. The site will offer three different types of registrations, amateur accounts, basic professional accounts and elite professional accounts. By offering limited access to the amateur accounts, we expect most users to upgrade to one of the professional accounts to gain access to more user upload space and unlimited uploads. The amateur account and basic professional accounts will also have restrictions on the sizes of the photographs uploaded. To counter these restrictions, the elite professional account will be restriction free with unlimited photograph sizes and storage space. Also, an added online photo editor application will be available only to the elite professional users. This will target individuals who are interested in displaying their work or individuals who appreciate professional photography and are interested in buying photographs that appeal to them. Google, Bing and Facebook ads will be used to deliver the website name to the targeted people. The elements that the website will use to have an effective strategy for the website marketing are 4Ps i.e. price, promotion, place, and products. There will be very strong online competition from websites that have already been present in the market for similar purposes such as “”. “” already focuses on providing its art products to the public by purchasing them online. (Wall Art at To tackle our competition, the website of will provide an easy platform to use and also provide online photo editing applications. The website will also provide its basic professional and elite professional accounts with free of cost advertising of their photographs. A SWOT analysis has been conducted to get a better perspective of the competition and to analyze the website and its competitor strategies. The SWOT analysis has been provided in this report. To operate our core processes, we would have the bank which would be dealing with all the online transactions of users and buyers. On the other hand, we would get a corporate account with “” to counter the mass online storage of all the photos involved. “” has been a leader in the field of providing professional online solutions to companies which require storage. (Simple Online Collaboration: Online File Storage). These will be our primary two agents in the middle to help us operate our website once it is up and running. An investment of roughly $7000 will also be involved in the set-up of the website. This will also involve a payment of $500 dollars every time the website needs to be updated to meet new requirements. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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