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The Pessimistic Perspective of the Modernists Writers - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes Modernism that can be defined as an era of literature that presented a totally opposite interpretation of life than the one presented in the Victorian literature. Modernist literature was a literature revolting against the stereotypical norms of society…
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The Pessimistic Perspective of the Modernists Writers
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Extract of sample "The Pessimistic Perspective of the Modernists Writers"

Download file to see previous pages Modernism redefines the definition of self. It is a breakthrough from the confines of society. Victorian literature presents a romantic and idealistic side of life that in reality does not exist and this is one of the reasons that modern writers rebelled against it. It is a self-exploration which reflects the bleak and the dark side of life and fundamentally talks about alienation, loss and despair. Along with the representation of life as unordered and the belief that there is no absolute truth i.e., everything is relative; there is no importance of history and institution for them. In this process of modernization, the preconceived political, religious and social views are also questioned. Hence modernism concerns itself with the sub-conscious and celebrates an individual’s existence and his inner strengths. Some of the major thematic concerns of modernist literature include self-identity, the liberation of women, the relationship of an individual with his history or past and projection of an individual’s inner conflict i.e. the tug of war between the conscious and the sub-conscious mind. This conflict is usually presented by the use of a complex narrative structure. Use of stream of consciousness is another important tool used by the writers to reflect desolation, despair and overall mind frame of an individual. A stream of consciousness is defined as the process of imagination in which one thought leads to another totally different thought moreover it is not necessary that one thought should be in coherence with the next. Hence it is a distorted process of thought formation symbolic of an individual. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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