The Perspective of Chinese Women Writers - Essay Example

 This paper tackles the perspective of Chinese women writers by exploring their works. The chosen stories which will be discussed in this paper in lieu of the topic are “Biz's Choice” by Chen Ruoxi and “Octday” by Tie Ning. Writers have varied styles in expressing what they feel and what they think. …
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The Perspective of Chinese Women Writers
Download file to see previous pages Chef, the one who had just bought the Hunan Cafe, deemed that she was just trying to loosen up the atmosphere a bit and just uttered a joke with the best of intentions (Chen 29). On the contrary, one of Han Weizhongs soldiers just chimed in and inquired all about divorce (Chen 29). The daughter of Han Weizhong and Bizhu was not delighted on how the joke was going too far so she stopped her and stressed that the marriage of her parents was rare for they will be having their thirty-fifth birthday next year and other couples are even having difficulty to stay together for that long; she even mentioned that her brothers are even coming home for the United States to celebrate the upcoming event (Chen 29).
Divorce would split the family apart and will interrupt the education of the children; during that time, their sons Dawei was in college and Xiaowei was in high school while their daughter was in junior high (Chen 30).
Han Weizhong was constantly talking about his hometown which he did not do before; moreover, he was continuously connecting with relatives from his hometown especially his grandson through travel visits and phone calls (Chen 32-33). In addition, he was now eager to sleep in separate beds compared to before that he was uneasy with the idea of sleeping without Bizhu by his side (Chen 33).
Bizhu highlighted that Han Weizhong is longing to be back in his hometown with the way he is acting and implying; she even pointed out whether he wants his father to be labeled as a bigamist for the rest of his life (Chen 35).
Bizhu did not wish to leave Taiwan because she was thinking of Zhong Tianyou (Chen 35). Tianyou was Bizhus childhood friend and they were childhood sweethearts (Chen 36). Tianyou expressed his unaltered feelings toward her and expressed that he will get a divorce to marry her (Chen 38-39).
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