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Instructor Name: Date: Language is the only Homeland “Language is the only Homeland” This happens to be one of my favoritequotes by Czeslaw Milozs, a Polish poet. I was reminded of it while reading Paul Marshall’s “Poets in the kitchen” and Maxine Hong Kingston’s “The Woman Warrior” focusing on chapter fivewhich is “A song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe.” Paule Marshall writes about the lives of African American women in past and what impact it had on their writing…
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Language is the only homeland
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Download file to see previous pages These women were searching for independence and Kingston describes independence in speaking up rather writing. It became her identity and made her look at herself and her family from a new perspective that is in a more mature manner. Similarly Marshall finds independence in spoken word and in writing with emotions. Marshall and Kingston see their stories as inspiration to black women writers and those Chinese emigrants who are afraid to speak up about their values and culture. Marshall connects himself to the African American ancestors. Both writers believe their writing can be linked to unsaid words of Chinese and African American women. It states what the women were always longing to say but they did not had the independence to do so. Their writings are related to the cultures they were exposed to throughout their lives. Paule Marshall talks about her experience in growing up a family that immigrated to America from Barbados in West Indies.In her essay "Poets in the Kitchen she not only talks about what experiences shaped her personality but also the inspiration behind her writing.History of Barbados explains a lot about the background of thi8s essay.The inhibition of island by ArawakIndians and then Carib Indians greatly describe about the traditions told by Paule at her house.For instance Indians would tie their children's forehead to slope them up.This tradition is quite similar to one discussed by Paule in her essay: “the bellyband that is tied around the stomach of a newborn baby to keep the navel pressed in” (Marshall1). .Therefore indicating where the traditions discussed by Paule actually originated from. Marshall’s relation to African-American ancestors directly involves her mother and friends of mother. In that era when black women were just viewed as labors, Marshall viewed them as a piece of art. Therefore Marshall uses the kitchen and home setting she was exposed to in her childhood, to describe the African American tradition. All day labor, hard work gave these women no time for any other activity. They resided to their language and freedom of expression as the only way to self express themselves. (Marshall1).While relating to her mother, Marshall talks about how her mother resorted to oral communication and she on the other hand adapted written form of communication to express her creative desires and emotions. She talks about how the language transformed daily wit the evolution of new words such as tumbling big for a pregnant woman, free bee for one with freedom for sexual favors (Marshall1).Marshall identifies with her mother’s personal experiences, stories and writes a record of it all. Identity can be defined in several different ways.It is way more diverse and complex than one's identification card simply.Orientalism defines identity in quite a new perspective.It talks about how West perceives East.The West is always seen as the dominating superior power while East are considered weak, suppressed and uncivilized nations.This point of view has been rooted in our traditions since centuries and it has shaped the people's way of thinking.As a result East has adapted the mindset of being powerless in front of West.In the chapter a Song for Barbarian Reed Pipe in the Book "The Woman Warrior" by Kingston, the issue of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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